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A Simple Saturday Morning

It’s spring(!) and our Saturday mornings are feeling so much happier and brighter now that the sun is shining and there’s finally not any snow on the ground. I love Saturday morning, I love not leaving the house until at least 1pm, and I love watching TV until we run out of things to watch. Somewhere in there, I’m also making a healthy breakfast (or brunch). Here’s a peek at what an ideal Saturday looks like for us:

First things first, we wake up next to this cute face:

… that is – until “cute” turns demanding. What you’re not seeing in the video below is the part where Jack howls back. A he-says-she-says (with Annie the dog) howling match goes on for a good 20 minutes until Jack ultimately loses and he gets up to feed the pups.

Our roles are simple: Jack feeds the dogs, and I feed us. On this particular day, I had some great things stashed away in my fridge. Some really fresh farmers market asparagus, pea shoots (from this post), among other ingredients. I usually make breakfast tacos or some kind of scrambled eggs, but this time I folded lots of fresh veggies into simple omelets.

This “recipe” isn’t much of a recipe: scramble 2 eggs (per omelet), swirl the eggs into the bottom of a skillet, and fill with pea shoots, peas, tomatoes, and feta cheese. Fold and plate once the eggs are set.

I simply cooked, seasoned, and plated some asparagus in a separate skillet and felt good that our day was getting off to a very green start.

Of course, everything’s just a little better with some avocado toast:

In my opinion, coffee and orange juice are MUSTS for a leisurely Saturday breakfast. Also, in my opinion: I don’t enjoy super sugary drinks, which is why I really love the new Simply Light Pulp Free Orange Juice. I really, truly, just love the lighter and delicious taste.

A Simple Saturday Morning

Of course, the typical Saturday usually entails errands, book recipes, or family activities after breakfast. But since this is the ideal Saturday, that means lingering around the breakfast table, maybe watching some TV, and heading off to the farmer’s market to get inspired for the week to come!

Also, trying to repeat this on Sunday 🙂

This post is in partnership with Simply Beverages, thank you for supporting the sponsors that keep cooking!

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