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posted by Parker Coloma

After cooking fried rice in the Kuhn Wok Skillet, here is our review! We are giving away one Kuhn Rikon Wok Skillet! If you like the review, enter to win yours!

This wok is great for cooking meals for 2-4 people, it has so many convenient qualities!

  • Wok Skillet is large enough to prepare a family meal without overcrowding your stove top
  • Carbon steel construction allows the wok to quickly come to temperature and distributes the hear evenly
  • Glass wok lid seals in liquids, prevents splatters and allows you to see your food when cooking
  • Long handle and helper handle make the wok easy to maneuver
  • The wok spatula (not included) has the exact curvature of the skillet providing you with comfort and accessibility

I love how practical the Kuhn Rikon Wok is. It has a clear lid so that I can see how my food is cooking without having to take off the lid. There is even a small hole in the lid so steam can be let out, instead of having to prop the lid open!

Another thing that makes this wok so convenient is that it is wide, so while food is being tossed around, it doesn’t fly out everywhere! I like to try and keep my cooking area as clean as possible.

Also, it does not take up too much space on the stovetop, leaving plenty of room to cook other things simultaneously. 

Lastly, the long handle makes the wok easy to move and it never gets too hot to touch. The long handle also lets me keep my distance so if there is oil flying out, it definitely won’t land on my hands or arms. 

Additionally, we also received a Kuhn Rikon Wok Spatula, which is made specifically to use with the Kuhn Rikon Wok Skillet. It was great to cook scramble eggs and cook fried rice with!

  • Easily scoop and stir vegetables, shrimp, rice and more with precision
  • Rounded edge is the exact curvature of the wok skillet
  • Shovel-like shape and thin edge allow you to get under the ingredients and prevent burning
  • Scoop and stir dumplings, vegetables, shrimp, rice and more
  • Stainless Steel construction is elegant and durable.


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