2019 Favorite Things Gift Guide


I decided to create a 2019 Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide based on 10 things I absolutely LOVED this year! These products have been essential to making my life easier, more comfortable, more beautiful, and just better, and I hope you’ll find something you love here as well! Disclaimer: this post contains some Amazon affiliate links. If a purchase is made using my link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for keeping my blog alive!

Let’s get started with my fave things everrrrr!

1. Doc Martens Luana bootsThese are the most comfortable boots EVER. I wear boots year-round and absolutely adore these combat boots from classic brand Dr. Martens. They have a cushiony step and they look badass! I love wearing them with jeans and a sweater or even a dress to grunge up my look.

2. Sunday Riley CEO Glow SerumI was first introduced to this serum from the Allure beauty box (see below!) and fell in love with it. I was skeptical about using an oil-based serum because I had it ingrained in my head that oil = oilier when it comes to your skin, but that’s not entirely true! This vitamin-C packed serum sinks into your skin super fast and leaves this gorgeous, dewy glow behind. Plus, I found with the potent vitamin-C ingredient that it lightened some dark spots. Love this stuff!

3. Three Women by Lisa TaddeoThis was one of the best books I’ve read period, but definitely the best one I’ve read in 2019! In this searing memoir-style book, Taddeo takes the reader into three lives of different women around the country and their histories with love, sex, marriage, and everything in between. It was poignant, exceptionally well written and absolutely breath-taking. I highly recommend it!

4. Sony A6000 Mirrorless Digital CameraI purchased this mirrorless digital camera for my Caribbean cruise back in March since I didn’t want to lug around my hefty DSLR. This camera was the best purchase ever! Not only was it lightweight and compact compared to a behemoth DSLR but it took some amazing crisp, clear photos that you would swore came from a professional camera. I absolutely recommend it for traveling or for an all-purpose camera!

5. Trigger Point Foam RollerI am 100% OBSESSED with my foam roller by Trigger Point. A foam roller would absolutely be my desert-island pick because I use it daily and cannot live without it! In fact, even for an overnight trip, I have to pack it. I find that around 6pm every night, my body craves the foam roller until I can knock out all the kinks in my back and neck. If you’ve never foam rolled, do yourself a favor and snatch one of these up! Your body will thank you!

6. QVC Cooks Essentials Air FryerI didn’t think I needed another small appliance crowding up my kitchen, but I love my air fryer from Cooks Essentials! It is perfect for me since I live alone and only eat for one because I can just pop in a smaller portion and cook it up fast. Plus, I love it in the summer since it doesn’t heat up my whole house like an oven would! My favorite things to make in it are super-crispy tater tots, air-fryer pies, and soft pretzels!

7. American Eagle Curvy Highest Waist JeansPrior to purchasing this pair of jeans earlier this year, I hadn’t worn or owned a pair of jeans since probably 2013. Jeans were just so uncomfortable to me, always cutting into my “muffin top.” Not anymore! These American Eagle jeans are supremely stretchy for the ultimate comfort level, they never bag out in the knees and they are just as comfortable as sweats, in my opinion! I love that this particular style has a 12″ rise so there’s no dipping in the waistband and it covers all my tummy comfortably.

8. Allure Beauty Box SubscriptionI adore beauty subscription services and subscribe to nearly all of them, but the Allure Beauty Box is the BEST in my opinion! Not only do they send premium products in full-sizes, but all of the products I have loved (like the Sunday Riley CEO Glow I received earlier this year!). It’s only $10 a month to start but the products they send are well over that small price tag in value. For instance, the CEO Glow serum I received is $40 for a full size and I received it, along with 5-6 other products, for $10.

9. Supergoop! Unseen SunscreenSo I know you’re supposed to wear sunscreen daily but I would always lament that since most sunscreens are heavy, chalky, or just crap. But this Unseen Sunscreen is a GAME CHANGER. It is SUPER lightweight, not oily, doesn’t leave a ghoulishly chalky cast on your skin and just melts into your face instantly. It would make an excellent makeup primer or feels beautiful on its own. Now with this, I have zero problem applying it daily!

10. Cuisinart Santuko KnifeI actually bought this knife in a knife set at Costco and fell in love with this one especially. It’s super sharp, easy to hold and cuts like an absolute dream. I love the size and weight of it and find I use it for cutting, slicing, chopping and dicing with precision and ease. Highly recommend this all-purpose santuko knife!

Well that’s that! I hope you find that you love these favorite products as well!

Have a super sweet day!

xo, Hayley

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