7 avocado desserts to try: best recipes

The beloved avocado has become a trendy ingredient – it’s now a lifestyle thanks to its nutty flavour, smooth and creamy texture and numerous health benefits. While it’s often enjoyed as a savoury addition to meals, its potential in sweet dishes has gained massive attention in recent years. Check out seven of our favourite treats that prove avocado’s worth beyond the breakfast, lunch, and dinner table.

Avocado chocolate mousse

Cup of avocado chocolate mousse with nuts

This avocado chocolate mousse from Chocolate Covered Katie will blow your mind. Its rich and silky smooth texture will pleasantly surprise you, and the avocado taste is hardly noticeable. Despite being loaded with health benefits, this decadent treat is so sinfully delicious that you won’t even realise you’re eating something that’s good for you.

Avocado cheesecake

Slice of vegan avocado based cheesecake

Treat yourself to a healthy dessert with this vegan avocado cheesecake from My Food Book. This gorgeous green treat, made with good-for-you fats and free of added sugars, is guilt-free and perfect for savouring every delicious bite.

Avocado pudding

Cup of creamy vegan avocado pudding

Indulge in a creamy and healthy summer treat with this four-ingredient vegan avocado pudding from Savory Spin. Simply blend ripe avocados, lemon juice, sugar and a milk of your choice for a deliciously indulgent dessert.

Avocado crème brûlée

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious avocado crème brûlée from Manu’s Menu that’s just as creamy as the classic version but with a fruity aftertaste. The best part? It only takes five minutes to make, but you’ll have to wait for it to chill before indulging.

Avocado brownies

Pieces of chocolate brownies with avocado

Sink your teeth into these irresistibly dense and fudgy avocado brownies from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, bursting with wholesome nutrients and healthy fats. The avocado gives these moist brownies a healthy twist without compromising on taste.

Avocado ice cream

Serving homemade creamy avocado flavoured ice cream

Avocado ice cream is a delicious, healthy, vegan, and paleo-friendly homemade dessert. It’s incredibly smooth and creamy, and you won’t even need an ice cream maker. If you’re looking for an effortless and delectable dessert, prepare to be wowed by Feel Good Foodie’s avocado ice cream.

Avocado Filipino dessert

Cool down on a hot summer day with a simple yet delicious Filipino dessert. This three-ingredient avocado dessert is easy to make, takes less than five minutes, and requires no appliances. All you need is powdered milk, sugar, avocados and ice.

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