89+ BEST Super Bowl Appetizers (Ultimate Guide to Super Bowl Food)

Super Bowl Appetizers are the real winner on the big game day. No party would be complete without the best Super Bowl Appetizers and the Best Super Bowl Snacks. From dips to wings to sliders and more, all the best Super Bowl food ideas are right here!

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Best Super Bowl Appetizers

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, the biggest day of the year for everyone’s favorite thing: snacks! I mean…football…

Okay, I’ll be honest. While everyone else heads to the Super Bowl parties to watch the game, I’m really just there for the Super Bowl appetizers. And I know most of you are too! You know what though? That’s okay! It wouldn’t be a good party without some tasty Super Bowl snacks.

I’m talking dips galore, chicken wings, meatballs, chips (and more dip), sandwiches, sliders, cheese…only the best Super Bowl appetizers! Whether you’re throwing a party, headed to a friend’s, or just chilling at home to watch the game, you need some delicious Super Bowl food ideas to cook up.

I know a thing or two about tasty and easy appetizers (it’s one of my favorite types of recipes to make), so I’ve got you covered with TONS of awesome game day appetizers and easy Super Bowl snacks.

Keep reading for more than 89 of the BEST Super Bowl Appetizers to make for the big day!

Tequila Lime Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos | The Cookie Rookie

The BEST FRIED BUFFALO WINGS that just so happen to be GLUTEN FREE! Spicy deep fried buffalo chicken wings perfect for tailgating, the Super Bowl, and every day in between!

Loaded Cowboy Dip Queso | The Cookie Rookie

Super Bowl Food Ideas

Here’s a quick overview of the different types of recipes you’ll find below:

  1. Super Bowl Dips
  2. Game Day Wing Recipes
  3. Best Meatball Appetizers
  4. Super Bowl Sliders and Sandwiches
  5. Bacon Appetizers for Game Day
  6. Best Super Bowl Snacks
  7. Healthier Super Bowl Snacks
  8. Super Bowl Finger Foods
  9. Easy Super Bowl Food Ideas

I am SO looking forward to all that food on game day! It helps to have a bit of a strategy when you go in. Start with some cheese and crackers, then veggies and dip (to get the healthy part out of the way). Then move on to all of the hot cheesy dips, and graze on some of the finger foods. Make sure you’ve got a cocktail in there somewhere to balance out the food. 

After a few hours, I like to go ahead and eat something a little more substantial, like a sandwich or tacos. This is a good time to grab a few wings too! And when you think you just can’t eat anymore, take a break and just grab a handful of chips or Chex Mix.

When the game is over and people start leaving, sneak in for a final round of your favorite Super Bowl appetizers for one last taste. The goal is to end the day feeling SUPER STUFFED. I always win at this challenge.

Cheesy Pigs in a Blanket | The Cookie Rookie

Essential Kitchen Tools

Whether you’re making ALL the appetizers to host your own Super Bowl party, or just making a dish or two to bring to another party, here are some of the kitchen tools you might need to prepare these recipes.

89 Best Super Bowl Appetizers & Snacks

super bowl dips

Best Super Bowl Dips

No game day is complete without a dip or two (or three, or four) to serve. Whether you’re looking for cheesy queso, a delicious hot dip, or some simple salsa, here are my favorite Super Bowl dips:

Want even MORE Super Bowl dip recipes? Check out our Hot Dips Guides for more!

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Best Super Bowl Wing Recipes

Chicken Wings seem like the official food of the Super Bowl. Buffalo wings, hot wings, and all the most delicious wing sauces and dips…prepare to get those fingers messy! Here are my fave wing recipes for game day:

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Best Meatballs for Super Bowl

Meatballs are the perfect Super Bowl appetizers because…well, they’re just plain good! It’s so easy to pop them into your mouth, and there are so many tasty flavors to choose from. Here are some of our best meatball recipes:

photo of cheeseburger sliders with text overlay. text reads: Best Sliders for Game Day

Super Bowl Sliders and Sandwiches

Sliders and sandwiches are a great Super Bowl food idea. They’re pretty easy to put together, they’re filling, and they’re easy to eat while watching the game.

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Bacon Appetizers for Game Day

Ah, bacon. Truly the BEST Super Bowl appetizers are the ones wrapped in bacon. Shrimp, tater tots, crackers, fries…add bacon to anything and it’s good to go!

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Simple Super Bowl Snacks

In addition to all of the hot food and appetizers on the table, it’s nice to have a few simple Super Bowls snacks going around too. Set out bowls of chips, crackers, and Chex Mix so everyone has something to snack on between the other stuff.

photo of avocado fries with text overlay. text reads: Healthier Snacks for Game Day

Healthy (er) Super Bowl Snacks

The Super Bowl is definitely not the day to be healthy…but for those of you who ARE trying to eat a little better during those game day parties (I admire you), here are a few healthier options to snack on.

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Super Bowl Finger Foods

The Super Bowl finger foods are where you get a chance to shine. Dips, chips, wings…those are all standard (though absolutely delicious and totally necessary), but this is where you get to try different things and add some pizazz into the mix. These are some of my favorite Super Bowl appetizers:

photo of chicken quesadillas with text overlay. text reads: easy recipes for game day

Easy Super Bowl Food Ideas

After all the snacks and apps, it’s nice to have a few heartier options to serve on game day. Let people graze on everything else as they please, but add in a few other foods that can act as more of a meal for those who are extra hungry. Tacos, nachos, burgers, and chicken tenders are always a great idea!

Nothing makes game day delicious more than 3 CHEESE BACON RANCH FRIES. This easy and fun appetizer takes crispy fries and tops them with ranch seasoning, bacon, cheddar, mozzarella, and feta.

SHEET PAN CHICKEN QUESADILLAS are the easiest and best way to make delicious quesadillas for a crowd! These baked quesadillas can be made with any filling and toppings, and are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

And now that you’ve got the Super Bowl food all covered, you might need a few drinks to go along with it! Browse through our cocktail recipes for some ideas. My number one choice for Super Bowl cocktails is this Pitcher Margarita Recipe!

I hope you got plenty of Super Bowl food ideas from this guide! If you’re still looking for the perfect thing, check out the rest of our appetizers right here. Whoever you’re rooting for on the big day, make sure you have plenty of food to enjoy!

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