Boudin – Eat With Your Eyes


Ingredients: 6 cups cooked rice,2 bunches green onions, chopped,1 large onion, chopped,1 bunch parsley, chopped,pepper to taste,2 pounds pork meat,1 1/2 pounds pork liver,5 teaspoons salt,Sausage casings, soaked in cold water

  1. Cook pork meat, liver and seasonings in water (to cover) until meat falls apart; remove meat and reserve some broth.Grind meat, onion, green onions and parsley (reserving about 1/2 cup each of green onion tops and parsley).
  2. Mix ground meat mixture with the 1/2 cups of green onion tops and parsley, rice and enough broth to make a moist dressing.Stuff dressing into casing, using a sausage stuffer.


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