Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Floats.

Spiked floats all around!

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com

We’ve got embarrassingly easy (!!!) boozy little floats right here for Oscars night! Pair it with a crunchy snack and you are SET.

Every year I want to host a big, fun Oscars party and every year… I don’t do it. So I’m doing it virtually and begging you to make a prosecco sorbet cocktail on Sunday night with me. Waaahoo. Internet generation unite.

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com

Here’s a little secret: I don’t love raspberry things. I don’t love raspberry flavored things. I like fresh raspberries but they are not my number one choice in fruit. If I’m being REAL here, I mostly chose raspberry sorbet because the color is pink pink pink.


You witnessed my transformation years ago to being quite “meh” about lemon desserts and now I omgLOVE lemon desserts, so it’s very possible that might happen here. The lemon + raspberry sorbet combo is divine. It is seriously fantastic and flavorful.

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com
And p.s. I like to use a prosecco on the drier side because the sorbet is freaking sweet. You need something with a bit of a bite to balance out the flavor. And you know I’ve got some sweet teeth!

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com

Now what I really want to know is are you more excited for the movies or for the fashion at the Academy Awards? I’m a little bit of both, I suppose.

But I’m absolutely saddened by the fact that I have not yet seen La La Land. In fact, I haven’t seen any movie in a theater since I had Max (with the exception of Sing that we took him to see over Christmas!) and the last time I was at the movies? When I was pregnant and saw Gone Girl with my cousin Lacy!

Even though I actually like to go to the movies, whenever I have free time these days, there are SO many other things I want to do besides go sit in a dark theater without internet access for three hours. You know? I’m looking at you shoe shopping/napping/trashy magazine reading/Target bingeing.

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com

Before we had Max, Eddie and I would occasionally get in the routine of going to a movie mid-week, which was such a treat because we obsessively consider all weeknights to be “school nights,” almost never do anything really FUN on these nights and go to bed at a normal (well, okay, not I) hour.

We didn’t do it every week, but it was lovely when we did. I totally want to bring that back!

Other movies I’m dying to see are Hidden Figures, Jackie and Arrival. I will admit though that ever since having a kid, I only want to see mostly fluffy comedies because otherwise I’m ridden with anxiety over the sadness or scariness of the film. I.am.a.child.

So I guess what really matters aside from boozy floats: who will be the best dressed?! But really.

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com

Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Float


  • 4 scoops lemon sorbet
  • 4 scoops raspberry sorbet
  • 1 (standard sized, 750mL) bottle prosecco


Scoop the lemon and raspberry sorbet into wine glasses. Top with the prosecco and serve immediately! THIS IS SO EASY IT IS HORRIFYING.

lemon raspberry prosecco floats I howsweeteats.com

Isn’t that dreamy?!

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