Pasta On The Border – Eat With Your Eyes


Ingredients: 4 Large Low-Fat Flour Tortilla,1/2 pound Flank Steak, sliced into thin strips,1 Red Bell Pepper (or any color combination), julienned,1 Onion, julienned,1 cup Unsalted Black Beans, drained,1 1/2 cups Chipotlé Enchilada Sauce,1 cup Pico de Gallo,4 Garlic Cloves, 2 smashed, 2 finely minced,8 tablespoons Chopped Cilantro,EVOO,Mexican Dried Herb Seasoning,Cholula Seasoning Powder,2 Limes (or lemons), sliced into wedges,4 Jalapeno Peppers (optional)

  1. Marinate strips of flank steak in a drizzle of EVOO, 2 smashed garlic cloves, juice of 1 lime (or lemon), 4 tbs. chopped cilantro and a dash of the seasonings for an hour or two.
  2. If desired, brush jalapenos with a little oil and roast in 400F preheated oven for 30-40 minutes, turning over once halfway through.
  3. In a sauce pan, heat the enchilada sauce until boiling then add the beans. Stir for another couple of minutes and turn off heat.
  4. In a medium-heated skillet, add a little EVOO and saut the beef strips along with the minced garlic and the julienned onion and bell pepper(s).
  5. Stack the tortillas on top of each other and roll as tight as you can without tearing it. Now, using a very sharp knife, thinly slice the roll from one end to the other creating fettuccine-like strands. Loosen strands and coat with EVOO and a dash of the seasonings.
  6. Spread tortilla strands out on individual serving platters, top each with enchilada/bean mixture, salsa and beef/veggie mixture.
  7. Garnish with remaining chopped cilantro, a lime (or lemon) wedge and a roasted jalapeno pepper.
  8. Another optional item you can add is shredded cheese. Before garnishing, top with shredded cheese and pop the plate in the microwave for a minute or until cheese has fully melted.


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