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Becky Hardin


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An easy Red Sangria recipe, the perfect cocktail for all year round! Fruity, refreshing and lightly spiced with cinnamon – it’s a gorgeous tipple that’s great for gatherings, parties or just relaxing on the porch!

side view of red sangria in a stemless wine glass with ice and rosemary.

What’s in Red Wine Sangria

Red wine sangria is a perfectly sweet cocktail that blends red wine, brandy, and orange liqueur with apples, oranges, and cinnamon for a sumptuous cocktail that’s great for sharing! This is a boozy punch that’s packed with flavor.

  • Red Wine: My go-to is pinot noir, but you can use your favorite fruity red wine
  • Brandy: Adds an extra fruity and sweet flavor.
  • Orange Liqueur: Adds a citrus kick.
  • Orange Juice: Because you can’t have too much tangy citrus in sangria.
  • Apples: One red and one green for a flavor twist.
  • Oranges: Thinly sliced to release the juices.
  • Cinnamon Sticks: Add complex spice.
  • Sugar: Finishes off the round, sweet taste of the cocktail.

Variations on Ingredients

Double the Cointreau Instead of Brandy!

While we love a bit of brandy in our wine cocktails, the best red wine sangria recipe is the one that fits your taste (and your liquor cabinet!). If you don’t have any brandy on hand and you love that zesty orange kick, simply add an extra 1/3rd cup of your favorite orange-flavored liquor in place of brandy. You might find that it’s more reminiscent of a margarita!

Use Simple Syrup for a Smoother Finish.

We all know the unpleasant feeling of stirring crunchy sugar at the bottom of a cold beverage, like an iced coffee or sweet tea. Good news: Our favorite tip for sweet tea applies here too. If you don’t have a lot of time for your sangria to absorb the sugar, try using simple syrup instead! About 3 ounces will ensure the sweetness is evenly dispersed throughout this delicious, fruity drink.

overhead view of red sangria in a large glass pitcher.
What is sangria?

Sangria is a Spanish cocktail consisting of red wine mixed with fresh diced fruit and spices.

What is the best red wine for red sangria?

Ideally, you want a red wine that is fruity but dry and low in tannins. I used pinot noir, but you can also use zinfandel, merlot, or get adventurous and choose a traditional Spanish wine, such as Garnacha (the most traditional), Rioja, or Tempranillo. Wines with a lot of tannins tend to taste astringent when chilled, so avoid cabernet sauvignon, syrah, or malbec.

How can I make red sangria less boozy?

To make sangria less boozy, omit the brandy.

Can I make red sangria with different fruits?

You sure can! This is a pretty traditional sangria recipe, but feel free to switch up the fruits with the changing seasons. We love adding cranberries during the winter months, and fresh raspberries and pears are refreshingly delicious during the summer!

side view of red sangria in a large glass pitcher on a wooden cutting board.

How Long Does Sangria Need to Be Refrigerated?

This red sangria recipe is best when the fruits and cinnamon sticks have had time to infuse into the drink. If you plan to enjoy it at night, try making it in the morning for 8 hours of soak time. If you’re working on shorter notice, make sure the drink has at least 2 hours to soak in the fridge.

How to Garnish This Simple Red Sangria

Throw in some orange slices, seltzer water, and rosemary sprigs in each sangria glass to make a picture-worthy cocktail.

What to Serve with Our Red Sangria Recipe

Looking for some savory snacks to go with this crimson cocktail? Why not try my BBQ Chex Mix and my Avocado Corn Salsa.

close up three-quarters view of red sangria in a stemless wine glass with ice and rosemary.

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