Ryan Chetiyawardana of Danedlyan to Open Cub Restaurant, London

Ryan Chetiyawardana the man behind Danedlyan at the Mondrian Hotel in London, the world’s best bar according to Taste the Cocktail, is to open a restaurant it’s been announced.

Eater London reports that Chetiyawardana will be teaming up with chef Doug McMaster of Brighton’s SILO restaurant and Dr Arielle Johnson, former resident scientist at Noma and current Head of Research for the MAD Symposium.

Cub will sit above Chetiyawardana’s basement cocktail bar Super Lyan in East London and will continue SILO’s anti-food waste quest (it prides itself as a zero waste restaurant), with Johnson growing ingredients on site, as she did at Noma. Furniture in the 35 cover restaurant will be made from recycled materials.

Courses will be either food or drink, or sometimes both: dishes such as Japanese knotweed, raw sheep’s milk, ramson; Burnt peach, capsaicin, cognac, coffee; and Sea buckthorn, Douglas Fir, and burnt butter are muted.

Take a look at what Chetiyawardana had to say about the upcoming restaurant, scheduled to open 7 September, in an Instagram post, below.

THE FUTURE’S NERD! Doug is the best. I’ve been in awe of what he’s been doing for years, and collaborating with him over the last few has only cemented that. Showing this photo to a pal, they commented that we look like a pair of lovable nerds. I definitely took it as a compliment! There’s a real split right now between governmental support (what’s equality? What climate change? ?) and public wishes, but economic pressures will always win, and with new innovations, garage projects and public buying power, the real control really lies with us (nerdistry ftw). We’re not saving the world, but hopefully we can make it a happier place in any little way, and our new version of what a restaurant is, and can be, is our slice of nerd. We’re excited to present a modern sustainability, a new view of a venue, and a return to food & drink being the same; Modern botany, a new, natural luxury and a renewed sustainability in one. And fuck yeah is it all delicious. The plan was to wrap up the successes and changes catalysed by White Lyan and make it weird again, and we’re totally doing that. Stronger through collaboration, and I’m very excited to reveal the other wonderful folk making that happen very soon. #BabyILikeItRoar Please see @drinksinternational for deets!

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