Swiss Cheese & Broccoli Casserole

Editor’s Note: Broccoli and cheese casseroles are just about as American as apple pie. This simple combination of ingredients is one of the most popular casseroles out there. This classic dish is perfect for the family on a weekday night. The best thing about Addie’s broccoli cheese bake is that in addition to the typical cheddar cheese, it calls for swiss cheese, as well. This extra cheese adds an extra savory taste to the meal.


Did you know that broccoli is an invented vegetable? It was actually bred by Italian farmers in the 1700s from several different kinds of cabbage! A member of the cruciferous veggie group along with cauliflower and turnips, this veggie made its way over to America in colonial times. It wasn’t until the 1920s that it really gained in popularity, leading us to discovering dishes like Broccoli Casserole that have become staples in the American diet to this day.

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