Top 10 autumn baking recipes

Embrace the comforting flavours of autumn as colder nights draw in. Seasonal ingredients to celebrate include crisp apples, hearty pumpkins and juicy blackberries.

See our top autumn baking recipes for some relaxing weekend kitchen projects. Bake everything from light muffins to fluffy cakes and more.

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Autumn baking recipes

1) Vegan apple cake

Everyone is sure to love this classic apple cake, whether they’re following a vegan diet or not. This moreish cake is filled with chunks of fresh apple and topped with flaked almonds for a crunchy texture. Try serving with a dairy-free ice cream or custard to make it extra decadent.

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2) Pumpkin muffins

Light and fluffy pumpkin muffins make for a fantastic autumn breakfast on the go or an afternoon tea snack. To keep things simple, use canned pumpkin purée (this can be bought online) or make your own homemade pumpkin purée from fresh pumpkin.

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3) Caramel apple cinnamon buns

Fancy a weekend baking project? Balance the sharp flavour of apple with the sweetness of caramel and a tangy soft cheese icing to make these toffee-apple-inspired cinnamon buns. They’d pair perfectly with a hot pumpkin spice latte in the morning.

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4) Pumpkin spice cupcakes

Marking a special occasion over the autumn months? Put some homemade pumpkin pie spice to use with these easy cupcakes. Make a warming blend of fragrant cinnamon, ginger, cloves and freshly grated nutmeg. Top with lashings of tangy cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of extra pumpkin spice.

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5) Blackberry & orange cake

Celebrate the early autumn harvest with plump, juicy blackberries. Infuse the fluffy sponge cake with a zingy orange drizzle and top with sweet marmalade, light buttercream and tart blackberries. It’s perfect for afternoon tea.

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6) Pumpkin spice scones

These easy pumpkin scones are great for beginners as they require minimal ingredients and simple techniques. Simply combine self-raising flour with grated cold butter, then mix in sugar, pumpkin spice, milk and pumpkin purée. Knead the mixture a couple of times, then roll out the dough and cut into circles. Bake for 10 minutes and serve with a generous dollop of butter or cream cheese.

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7) Easy carrot cake

You can’t go wrong with a classic carrot cake during the colder months. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and infused with a hint of orange zest, this top-rated recipe is full of autumn flavours. Top with rich cream cheese frosting and chopped walnuts or pecans.

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8) Pumpkin pie

Nothing’s more autumnal than a classic pumpkin pie infused with fragrant spices. This recipe takes things to the next level with stem ginger cream and pumpkin seed brittle. It’s great for a dinner party or celebrating American Thanksgiving.

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9) Ginger biscuits

Ginger is an essential spice to have on hand during the autumn months. Use fresh and ground ginger to make these easy biscuits. They’re perfect served with a cuppa for afternoon tea, or as a treat anytime.

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10) Pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin works well in a variety of desserts, including this decadent baked cheesecake. With a lightly spiced, creamy filling and crunchy ginger base, it’s well worth the effort. Top with dollops of silky whipped cream, chopped pecans and a drizzle of caramel sauce.

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