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Incredible recipe I found on Facebook and knew I had to recreate.

I’m constantly looking for ways to incorporate this large purple veg into my diet. Always a fan of the eggplant parm but not always in the mood for red sauce. This tasted incredible – definitely no sauce needed. White pizza was always a favorite of mine growing up and these cheese and vegetable pair up superbly.

I must say, the favorite part of these ‘nachos’ for me, was the RICOTTA. This is definitely a low carb version and you will be so happy you tried!

PS: do not skip the first salting step, it is critical since it draws moisture and tames the bitter flavor of the eggplant.


  • 1 large eggplant, sliced thin (1/4″)
  • 1 cup grated parmesan cheese (divided)
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic, grated
  • 2/3 cup shredded mozzarella
  • 2 tbs crumbled feta cheese
  • 4 tbs ricotta cheese
  • crushed red pepper
  • fresh chopped basil for garnish


Preheat oven to 425 F. Line baking sheets with parchment paper.

Place eggplant slices on paper towels in a single layer. Sprinkle them evenly with salt. Let them stand for 15 minutes. Then use more paper towels to pat eggplant slices dry. In a small bowl, mix the garlic and olive oil.

Transfer eggplant slices to the baking sheet(s) so that they are in a single layer. Sprinkle them with 1/3 cup of the grated Parmesan cheese. Place in oven and bake for 15 minutes. Remove from oven, flip each slice over and sprinkle with remaining grated Parmesan. Bake for another 8-10 minutes.

Remove from oven, and reform your slices on the tray to form a ‘mound’ of ‘nachos’ (see pic below). Bump up oven to 450 F. Brush mound with garlic oil and then top with mozzarella, feta and then dollops of ricotta. Sprinkle evenly with crushed red pepper and return back into oven until cheese has melted – about 3-5 minutes. Remove from oven and garnish with basil.

Yields 2-3 servings.

…delicious happens

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