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Smoothies are always a good idea. Whether you are trying to boost your fruit and vegetable intake for more vitamins in winter, or you are looking for a delicious way to cool down in summer, starting the day with a smoothie is one habit you should always keep up.

While of course, you can take the ‘whatever is in the fridge’ approach, it is best to plan your smoothies ahead of time so that you have what you need for optimum nutrition and deliciousness, but also to avoid food waste. 

Have a look at these smoothie guides which explain everything you need to know about building the perfect blended fruit and vegetable beverage. There are tips and tricks for the novice smoothie makers with a starter guide, as well as a prescriptive approach to how to build a green smoothie and combinations of flavours, proteins and plant-based milks for the best results.

Still stuck for smoothie ideas? Have a look at these recipes below and you’ll be inspired to make the most delicious smoothies bursting with flavour and nutrients.

Zero-waste frozen ripe peach smoothie by Dominique Crenn


First up is Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn’s frozen ripe peach smoothie recipe. The San Francisco-based chef shared this recipe exclusively for Fine Dining Lovers’ Why Waste Season 2, where the world’s top chefs share tips and tricks to avoid food waste at home. Crenn’s recipe uses overripe peaches, but you could substitute any fruit in its place. The result is a Michelin-worthy dessert that is easy to make, delicious, nutritious and uses up household food waste. 

Grapefruit and beetroot smoothie


Try this combination of refreshing grapefruit and earthy beetroot for a smoothie with a deep, rich colour as well as complimentary flavours that make your morning interesting.

Cucumber, lettuce, and melon smoothie


Keep it light and refreshing with the delicate flavours of cucumber, melon and lettuce. This one is perfect for hot summer days and a delicious way to keep hydrated as well as getting plenty of vitamins A and K, as well as fibre.

Banana and cherry smoothie


Banana is your smoothie staple. The mild flavour makes it a perfect base for almost anything you add, like in this banana and cherry smoothie, plus the consistency lends a rich creaminess to your breakfast smoothie. Cherries, when in season add a luscious sweetness to complement the banana. Feel free to play around with nut butters or plant-based milk alternatives to find the combination you like best.

Peach and papaya smoothie


Go totally tropical with this zingy smoothie recipe. Lime juice will lift the concoction and bring the ingredients together, while the banana works as a great base. Use ripe or overripe papaya for the best results.

Soya and melon vegan smoothie


For the plant-based eater out there who just wants a pure, simple smoothie without a drop of dairy. Soy milk is the base ingredient here and rosemary and mint lift the delicate melon flavour. Everyone will love it.

Pear smoothie without yoghurt


This is another great vegan option that relies on the mellow sweetness of ripe pears, with orange juice to lift it and honey for sweetness.

Apple pie smoothie


This smoothie will work as a breakfast drink or as a dessert. The combination of apple, banana, cinnamon and maple syrup gives the perfect apple pie flavour. Vanilla extract is optional.

Watermelon smoothie


This watermelon smoothie not only works for breakfast but can also stand in as an alcohol-free punch to serve at a summer party  or any other gathering. Watermelon, melon and raspberry jelly combine for delicious fruit flavours while mint elevates the whole drink. Leave the yoghurt out for a mocktail to remember.

Smoothie bowl with fruits


You don’t have to serve your smoothie in a glass, try this smoothie bowl with added fruit for a different way to enjoy breakfast.

Peanut butter smoothie


Peanut butter adds a dollop of protein to your fruit smoothie. Great for breakfast or after a workout.

Smoothie bowl with berries


This smoothie bowl has acai and mixed berries, topped with chia seeds, hemp seeds, kiwi fruit slices, macadamia nuts, and cacao nibs. It is interesting, delicious ad nutrient dense.

Acai and raspberry smoothie


Acai is powerfully healthy and together with raspberry, this smoothie offers plenty of vitamins and delicious flavour.

Smoothie bowl with mango, frozen berries, grated coconut and mint


There’s a lot going on in this smoothie bowl, which makes it more of a meal than a drink. Enjoy for breakfast, or any other time of the day.

Chocolate and banana smoothie


This indulgent chocolate and banana smoothie is healthy and yet is a real treat any time of day. Use bittersweet chocolate with 70% cocoa and add icing sugar or honey to sweeten.

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