20 easy cocktails to make at home

These simple, classic cocktails should be on everyone’s at-home drinks menu. Don’t be afraid of shaking up your spirits and braving the world of mixology. These easy cocktail recipes are simple to master and will make jaws drop. Produce an elegant martini, a frothy espresso martini or a vibrant Aperol spritz with our step-by-step tutorials.

Get all manner of drinks with our easy cocktail recipes. Want to add a professional spin to your cocktail mixing? Make a batch of our easy sugar syrup with just two ingredients and use in a variety of dazzling drinks.

20 easy cocktails to make at home

1. Mojito

This refreshing mojito cocktail screams summertime. Mix together white rum, lime juice, mint and soda water for an instant crowdpleaser. If you want a big batch, try our mojito pitcher for zesty jug in a flash. Try one of our twists for a deliciously fruity take on a classic.

Try more rum cocktail recipes for a taste of the tropics.

2. Tom Collins

In our experience, simple recipes are usually the best. Master the art of the classic Tom Collins, the perfect storecupboard cocktail. Mix up your usual serve with our simple twists, add a dash of elderflower cordial, zingy muddled raspberries or a glug of brandy.

Find even more gin cocktails and put your favourite bottle to good use with our delicious drinks.

3. Sex on the beach

Filled to the brim with peach, orange and cranberry flavours, this juicy drink is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. Mix up our perfectly balanced sex on the beach cocktail in two easy steps, simply combine, stir and garnish with cocktail cherries and a slice of orange.

Need more party-friendly ideas for using up a bottle of vodka? Browse through our vodka cocktail recipes for some boozy inspiration.

4. Piña colada

Everyone loves this super-smooth coconut and pineapple combination. Conjure up a retro piña colada in no time with our easy recipe, complete with kitsch umbrella. Transport yourself somewhere sunny and warm with every sip. For an alcohol-free option that’s no less full of flavour, try our spiced virgin piña colada.

Take a browse through our top 10 retro cocktail recipes for a nostalgic selection of drinks.

5. Classic negroni

You need just three key ingredients to make this beautifully simple classic negroni. Intensely herby sweet vermouth, bitter campari and gin come together to make a traditional Italian drink worth taking your time over. Garnish with an orange slice or use blood orange when in season.

Wondering what to do with the rest of your vermouth? Try our elegant vermouth cocktail recipes for your next top tipple.

6. Martini

Whether you like it with gin or vodka, a dirty version or a fruity variation, the martini is the king of many a cocktail menu. There are plenty of tantalising twists, but it takes just two ingredients to make a traditional martini. Mix gin or vodka with dry vermouth and garnish with an olive or a twist of lemon peel.

Check out our martini recipes and learn how to create every tasty variation.

7. Cosmopolitan

Everyone knows this fruity serve, which is surprisingly easy to make at home. Combine characteristic sweet and sour cranberry juice and orange liqueur with citrus vodka for a vibrant colourful cocktail. For an extra burst of citrus, try our garnish trick to release the orange oils in the zest.

Our fruity cocktail recipes are great for every occasion, try a tropical hurricane cocktail, a summery strawberry mojito or tangy grapefruit mojitos.

8. Whiskey sour

Switch up your usual dram and enjoy a classic whiskey sour, the perfect after-dinner drink. Shake up bourbon, sharp lemon, sugar and herby bitters to create a super-smooth serve. The optional egg white can tone down the sharpness of the lemon and give the drink a richer feel.

Turn your hand to our best ever whisky cocktails for quick celebration-worthy tipples. Dust off the bottle at the back of the cabinet and turn it into something special.

9. White Russian

No one could resist a creamy, coffee-laced white Russian cocktail, made with a drizzle of fresh cream, vodka and coffee liqueur. You’re just three ingredients away from the caffeinated cocktail of your dreams and it couldn’t be simpler to make. Our upcycled white Russian uses leftover coffee grounds as a base for this vanilla-laced version.

Add even more caffeine-laced coffee cocktail recipes to your drinks menu, from our ultimate next level espresso martini to a fiery dark & stormy.

10. Classic margarita

Synonymous with warmer climes, the classic margarita is possibly the most well known tequila cocktail. This punchy short drink, garnished with salt and a wedge of lime, is one to get the party started. For extra tips on how to choose your tequila, as well as tasty twists and variations, check out our guide on how to make the best margarita.

Embrace this spicy spirit with even more tequila cocktail recipes, from a classic sunrise to a tequila paloma bursting with pink grapefruit.

11. Gin fizz

This simple but delicious gin fizz cocktail is easily doubled for more people. Simply top up your citrussy gin base with sparking water and a slice of lemon for the perfect summer serve. For added flair, try our top tip for achieving the characteristic frothy head using an egg white.

Treat yourself to one of our best ever fruity gin cocktails for a dash of sweetness with your favourite botanical spirit.

12. Cuba libre

Cuba libre in glass with lime

It doesn’t get easier than this tall glass of cuba libre. Elevate your favourite rum and cola with a squeeze of lime and serve in a tall glass with plenty of ice.

Get to grips with our top 10 rum cocktail recipes for easy drinks to liven up your cocktail menu.

13. Sidecar

Take some inspiration from the 1920’s with this super-chic cognac sidecar cocktail. Mix the spirit with orange liqueur and a squeeze of lemon for a rich, sharp and sweet drink. If the lemon is too sharp, add a splash of Angostura bitters. For an easy triple sec hack, check out our tip on how to make a cheat’s version at home.

Learn more about this smooth spirit in our guide, what is brandy and how to drink it.

14. Gimlet

Gimlet in glass with edible flowers

A classic gimlet combines dry gin with a zingy homemade lime syrup and plenty of ice. The syrup will last up to two weeks in the fridge for future mixology adventures. Garnish with an edible flower for that extra-special touch and a pop of colour.

Want to shake up some more impressive looking drinks? We have 10 gin cocktails you can make in minutes.

15. Aperol spritz

Chances are you’ve enjoyed one of these vibrant orange cocktails before. Now you can recreate the summery Aperol spritz at home, all you need is Aperol, prosecco and soda water.

Try even more old-school Italian serves and our modern twists with our new ways with Aperol. Make a limoncello concoction or a beautifully bitter Aperol negroni.

16. Tequila sunrise

Crack out your cocktail shaker to master a tequila sunrise. This 70’s beauty uses grenadine syrup to create the fruity, colourful effect of a sunrise bleeding through the drink.

Learn to mix up more fabulous cocktails and add a fiery Mexican kick to your next drinks night. Try our best ever tequila cocktails to try an inventive flavour combination.

17. Amaretto sour

One for fans of the sweet and nutty amaretto liqueur, the amaretto sour is velvety smooth with a characteristic frothy head. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness and sharp citrus flavours.

Branch out from the humble sour and try a fabulous fizz or an eye-catching Bakewell shot from our amaretto cocktail recipe collection.

18. Long island iced tea

Mix up a sensational showstopping cocktail that’s perfect for sipping on a sunny day. Our easy long island ice tea is a heady combination of vanilla vodka, dry gin, reposado tequila, triple sec, rum and a dash of lime juice.

Celebrate the sun with even more colourful summer cocktails, from a simple spritz to a fruity G&T.

19. Espresso martini

The undisputed king of coffee cocktails, no one could resist this picture-perfect two-tone espresso martini. Use our handy video tutorial to create your perfect martini and a non-alcoholic mocktail version using a basic vinegar shrub.

If you’re looking for more boozy pick-me-ups, look no further than our 5 ways with coffee cocktails. Try a spicy dark and stormy with dark espresso or a sweet and creamy Turkish coffee sour.

20. Whisky highball

Make the most of classic whisky flavours with a hint of citrus and a touch of mint in this satisfying whisky highball recipe. Let your chosen whisky shine with just a handful of simple ingredients, all in one easy step. Simply stir, sit back and enjoy.

For more marvellous malt creations and drinks celebrating this spiced spirit, peruse our whisky cocktail recipe collection.

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