5 Tips to Staying Sane in the Christmas Season

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Holiday tips to keep the stress low and staying sane this Christmas

It’s mid-December, I’ve had band/orchestra/3rd grade concerts three out of the last six nights, the empty Christmas decoration boxes are still on the living room floor, and I’m only 50% done with my Christmas shopping.

That’s where I’m at right now.


If you’re riding the same donkey as I am, you’re starting to feel the stress of the season – and I’m writing to tell you … it’s gonna be all good in the ‘hood.

I will survive this Christmas season, and so will you.

The magic of Christmas is not in making the perfect house or decorating the perfect tree or finding the perfect gift.

It’s in being together, surrounded by friends and family (assuming you love them) and sharing in the spirit of the season.


So what can we do to keep us staying sane in the Christmas season, without losing our marbles and snapping at Grandma on Christmas morn?

5 Tips to Staying Sane in the Christmas Season

Make your list and check it twice.

List makers like me have either a stockpile of old-school legal pads, a fancypants paper planner, or a list-making app on your smart phone.

Whether I’m planning a holiday party or just wrapping my brain around my three kids’ wish lists, I have to make a list. By planning ahead and sticking to your list, you won’t over-buy and you might even snag some great sales.

I’ve been making lists since I could write. Or, type (?). Apparently I also felt the need to define what each item was, because we all know parents are clueless.

Holiday tips to keep the stress low and staying sane this Christmas

Plan ahead.

When you plan ahead and are prepared, you can be more clear-headed in your decisions on what to purchase, what days you need to begin your baking or your cooking prep. You will feel less frazzled and more in charge. So, take a few minutes today and begin to plan your holiday, whether it is for the actual Christmas dinner, New Year’s party or any other holiday time that needs planning.

Fuel up for shopping.

Nothing turns this mama cranky faster than an empty stomach. With the same theme of having a plan, you need to fill up your tank so that you don’t end up running through a drive-thru because you failed to plan.

The simplest and healthiest way to fuel up before you shop is by eating a decent meal before you leave the house. Then you can pack something simple like a granola bar for a mid-shopping snack.

To stay hydrated, Simply Singles by Simply Juice® are the perfect companion to keep on hand to give fruity refreshment when you’re on-the-go.

I first discovered single-serving sized Simply Juice at Market District (part of the Giant Eagle family of brands) in the refrigerated juice section.

All kinds of Simply Juice flavors can be found at Giant Eagle stores.

There are so many delicious flavors, but what stole my heart were Simply Peach®, Simply Tropical Fruit® and Simply Lemonade® – Raspberry. Simply Singles are all natural, not-from-concentrate and made with simple ingredients with no added preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

All kinds of Simply Juice flavors can be found at Giant Eagle stores.

Now that you’ve created a list, made a plan and fueled up for shopping, let’s remember two more tips for staying sane in the Christmas season …

Leave perfection at the door.

Don’t stress yourself out over being perfectly Pinterest-y when it comes to styling your home for Christmas. Use natural decorations you gather outside, like pinecones, acorns and sprigs of greenery. Have your kids make paper snowflakes or decorations using your stash of craft leftovers, which is a twofer: they’re busy, and it won’t cost you a dime.

And if your kid sits on Santa’s lap screaming her face off, it’ll be ok. She’ll still grow up to be a productive adult even though you didn’t get that perfect Christmas photo.

Holiday tips to keep the stress low and staying sane this Christmas

And finally, chill.

Take a deep breath. Meditate. Light a fire (even if it’s electric), grab a beverage and snuggle up with your favorite blanky and take in a Christmas movie. You’ve done well, and all is good in the ‘hood.

Holiday tips to keep the stress low and staying sane this Christmas

Pick up a bottle or two of Simply Juice at the Giant Eagle store nearest you: Find it here.

Simply Juice on the go

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