6 daiquiri recipes to make in minutes

A daiquiri is a classic cocktail that combines just white rum, lime juice and sugar syrup. It is a breeze to make in minutes – it doesn’t require lots of ingredients and is simply shaken together, so can also be easily doubled up (or more) to serve a crowd. This makes it a perfect base for experimenting with and adding extra flavours – it’s time to get creative!

Frozen daiquiris are a summer staple, a tried and tested combination of blending your three key daiquiri ingredients with ice and fruit of your choice. From creamy banana to a tropical frozen mango spin, here are six daiquiri recipes you can make in minutes.

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Start off with our classic daiquiri recipe to learn how to master the traditional version. All you need is three ingredients: white rum, lime juice and sugar syrup. Simply shake together, then strain into a chilled glass for the perfect balance of sweet, strong and sour, then you can begin experimenting with fruity twists…

Strawberry daiquiri

When strawberries are cheap and plentiful in the height of summer, this slushy frozen daiquiri is the drink to make. Strawberry purée is blended with ice and the classic daiquiri ingredients for a sweet, fruity summer refresher.

Frozen mango daiquiri

For a tropical spin, try this frozen mango daiquiri recipe. Fresh mango (choose a nice ripe one for maximum juice and flavour) is combined with mango liqueur or gin for a double hit of fruity flavour. This could even work as a simple boozy dessert.

Banana daiquiri

Ripe bananas don’t just have to be for banana bread. In a banana daiquiri, bananas are blended with the white rum, lime juice and ice for a super creamy result, while a touch of banana liqueur and a garnish of banana chips reinforce the fragrant flavour.

Watermelon daiquiri

If you buy a whole watermelon in summer and aren’t sure how to use it up, daiquiris are the answer! Watermelons are filled with juice that makes them super easy to blend into a light, refreshing watermelon daiquiri – garnish with a wedge of watermelon for a retro look.

Berry daiquiri

Adding raspberries to this berry daiquiri adds a touch of sharpness, so it’s not quite as sweet as a straight strawberry daiquiri. Our berry daiquiri recipe uses a mixture of raspberries and strawberries, but you could also experiment with by adding blackberries or frozen blueberries.

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