A Selection of Picture from Rodolfo Guzmán’s book Boragó

What’s the creative process behind Rodolfo Guzmán’s amazing dishes? The chef of Boragó restaurant in Santiago, Chile (number 5 on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list), shares the secrets of his culinary philosophy in his new book Boragó: Coming from the South (Phaidon), out on 6 November.

A look at Chilean Culinary Traditions

Chilean gastronomic culture and indigenous produce have informed chef Guzmán’s cuisine since the opening of the restaurant in 2006. With a 2500km coastline, Chile is a long and narrow country with an incredibly rich panel of ingredients and flavours coming from both land and sea.

With the help of more than 200 people, from local farmers to scientists, Rodolfo Guzmán sources native Chilean produce and transforms it into incredible dishes, where modern cooking techniques and the Chilean culinary heritage and traditions of the indigenous Mapuche people converge.

Waiting for the Book

The book is a visual journey into Chilean gastronomy, landscape and culture. The chef presents indigenous food from several Chilean regions and explains how his dishes were born, showing his notebook sketches. The book also displays a selection of 100 recipes from Borago’s menu. 

Ahead of the release of Boragó: Coming from the South (available for pre-order here) we have selected some amazing pictures from the book, enjoy the gallery at the top of the page!

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