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Having precise measurements in cooking and baking is vital in achieving your delicious meals and special bakes. Whether measuring spices for curries or accurate amounts of baking powder to make cakes rise, there are times when it’s important to be extremely precise with ingredients in order to balance flavours. Measuring spoons are also useful for wet ingredients, such as a tablespoon of milk in a Victoria sponge or carefully balancing spirits for homemade cocktails.

A decent set of measuring spoons is a kitchen drawer staple, so we’ve picked out the best for you to choose between, ranging in style, colour, material, usage and price. They are all guaranteed to provide an accurate measurement of ingredients because of their easy scrape and non-spill technologies.

How to choose the best measuring spoons

The majority of measuring spoons come in either stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel is hard to bend, making them long lasting and great value for money, whilst durable plastic measuring spoons are often anti-stain, thick, durable and even colour-coded. The best measuring spoons show both standard tsp/tbsp measurements, alongside millilitre (ml) measurements, great for both dry and liquid ingredients.

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Best measuring spoons to buy at a glance

  • Best classic measuring spoons: Chef Remi 6-piece measuring spoons, £9.79
  • Best measuring spoons with comfortable handles: H&S set of 5 coloured-handle measuring spoons, £4.99
  • Best rectangular measuring spoons: Zulay 6-piece measuring spoons, £14.99
  • Best overall measuring spoons: Wovte 9-piece measuring spoons, £9.99
  • Best plastic measuring spoons: Colourworks measuring spoons, £3.36
  • Best budget metal measuring spoons: Tala stainless steel measuring spoons, £4.35
  • Best copper measuring spoons: ProCook copper measuring spoons, £12

Best measuring spoons to buy in 2021

Chef Remi six piece measuring spoons

Best classic measuring spoons

Ideal for cooking and baking, these heavy-duty stainless-steel spoons are a great addition to your kitchen utensils collection. The set has a classic look, with measurement-engraved handles and rounded spoons. They are suitable for both dry and liquid ingredients (showing helpful millilitre measures as well as spoons), with anti-spill rims and easily levelling for dry ingredients. Perfect for precise measuring, this six piece set goes all the way down to 1/8 tsp spoon.

H&S set of five coloured-handle measuring spoons

Best measuring spoons with comfortable handles

Add a pop of colour to your utensils pot with this set of five measuring spoons. These colourful, affordable spoons are suitable for a young budding chef or baker starting out in the kitchen. They’re stackable and have clear markings on the ergonomic padded handles, so are easy to use.

Zulay Kitchen Store slim design set of six measuring spoons

Best rectangular measuring spoons

Long-wearing stainless-steel measuring spoons are always a good idea when you’re cooking up a storm. This set of six rectangular measuring spoons (allowing super precise measuring down to 1/8 tsp) are great for fitting in narrow jar openings. Suitable for dry and liquid ingredients (with teaspoon and millilitre measures), as well as rust-free, BPA-free and a universal measuring guide.

WOVTE magnetic set of nine measuring spoons

Best overall measuring spoons

With a bright selection of colours and nine handy measurements, this set of measuring spoons is a chef’s dream. These dual-sided spoons have separate ends for dry and liquid ingredients. The most comprehensive set we tried, this set goes right down to 1/16 tsp for extremely precise measures. The spoons have a strong magnetic centre, which orders the spoons by size, leaving them stored neatly and easily accessible. The kit also comes with a metal leveller to remove excess ingredients.

Colourworks five piece measuring spoon set

Best plastic measuring spoons

A collection by Colourworks at Kitchencraft, this set of measuring spoons aims to brighten up your space. The set includes ¼ tsp, ½ tsp, 1 tsp, ½ tbsp and 1 tbsp spoons, paired with the corresponding millilitre (ml) measurements. These are a great budget option – ideal for new students moving away from home, newbie cooks or anyone wanting a pop of colour! A range of pastel colours is also available.

Tala set of five measuring spoons

Best budget metal measuring spoons

Retro-style brand Tala promises good quality measuring spoons. This simple five-piece set has the millilitre and spoon measurements made of durable and non-bendable stainless steel and can easily stacked and stored.

ProCook copper measuring spoons

Best copper measuring spoons

If you’ve got a distinct design vision for your kitchen, this simple ProCook set breaks away from the classic stainless steel or plastic spoon options. The four-piece set has a central magnet to keep them together, with spoon measures detailed on a chalkboard-style centre. The dishwasher-safe set is double ended for both wet and dry ingredients, but doesn’t have as many precise measures as some sets.

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