Budget family chicken recipes

Many of us are having to think extra carefully about how to get the most out of our shopping and fuel budgets. Smart planning and cooking will help you make nutritious meals that taste great. We calculate a budget meal at a cost of £1.25 per serving for ingredients used. (You may have to spend a little more if you need to replenish staples such as a full bottle of cooking oil or a bag of flour or buy a pot of spices, but you will use these up over time and we will give you ideas for how to do this.) You may also have access to a markets and local shops that offer savings.

Save the pennies with our selection of delicious chicken recipes to serve four, all of which use a few simple ingredients without compromising on flavour. Cheaper cuts of meat such as chicken thighschicken legs and chicken wings are better value and often tastier than chicken breasts, though we have ideas to make the most of the latter as well. The more portions of meat you buy, the less expensive they are, so look for big packs and freeze any leftovers for another time.

From warming curries and stews to speedy stir-fries and pasta dishes,, these 10 great-value chicken suppers are sure to become family favourites.

Get more money-saving meal ideas with our top 10 budget family meals and top 10 healthy budget meals, plus follow our budget family meal plan for a week of costed meals to feed four. For more recipe inspiration and cookery advice, browse our collection of budget recipes and visit our main budget section.

Chicken with spinach, peppers, red onion and rice on a plate with a fork

This vibrant chicken curry is packed with veg and counts as a whole three of your five-a-day! Super-simple and ready in just half an hour, it makes a perfect midweek meal. Why not make a larger batch to freeze portions for another night?

Our nutty chicken curry recipe also makes a quick and affordable option.

Chicken and bacon spaghetti carbonara on a plate

If you have some hungry mouths to feed, this luxuriously rich and creamy chicken and bacon pasta dish will do just the trick. Our twist on a classic carbonara features chicken breast, which we’ve made go further by cutting into strips. A pack of pancetta provides plenty of flavour without costing the earth, while butter and eggs create a gorgeously silky sauce. Serve with a fresh green salad for a family-pleasing dinner.

A pot of chicken stew with carrots, spring onion and potatoes

A warming chicken casserole makes a satisfying and healthy weeknight dinner. Brimming with chunky veg and gently spiced with a hint of mustard, this nourishing one-pot delivers on both taste and texture. Furthermore, it costs less than £1 per serving. Serve with a crusty loaf of bread to mop up the juices.

Bowl of chicken, kale, pepper and brown rice stir-fry

Use up any leftover roast chicken in this speedy yet satisfying stir-fry. It’s full of nutritious ingredients such as kale, leeks, brown rice and peppers, while chorizo provides plenty of flavour. Ready in just 20 minutes, it’s ideal for a busy Monday night supper and you can easily throw in any extra leftover veg.

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Pulled chicken burgers topped with avocado

If you need to feed a crowd, this slow cooker pulled chicken recipe is perfect for cooking in large quantities and dividing between burger buns or taco shells. Use budget-friendly chicken thighs for an easy alternative to pulled pork and cook them slowly in a smoky tomato sauce. Top with coriander leaves, chillies and guacamole for a crowd-pleasing summer meal.

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Tray filled with chicken thighs, beans and lemon slices next to a bowl of potato wedges

With just 15 mins prep time, this tempting traybake is a saviour on busy weeknights. Using affordable chicken thighs, tinned tomatoes, and butter beans, it makes a filling family dinner. Flavour with mixed dried herbs and plenty of garlic and garnish each chicken thigh with a slice of lemon. Serve with golden and crispy potato wedges.

To make the most of the oven time, we recommend roasting some vegetables alongside this traybake, which you can serve as sides in the week. See our collection of roast vegetable recipes for ideas.

Soup in a bowl with crusty bread

Stir up a hearty soup for a satisfying family supper. This rustic recipe uses shredded leftover roast chicken and can also be made in the slow cooker to tenderise the meat even further. Swirl creamy garlic yogurt through the mixture, then serve with cheesy cheddar & sage scones on the side. Bliss in a bowl!

A bowl of kale, chicken and pesto gnocchi

Rustle up a gorgeous green bowl of gnocchi coated in a zesty kale and spinach pesto, then served with shredded chicken, peas and basil. It’s ideal for using up any leftover roast chicken you have after a Sunday roast and takes just 20 minutes to make.

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Chicken in a pot with parsnips

Make an easy, warming one-pot to save on prep time and money. Simmered in a honey and mustard stock, the sticky chicken thighs and parsnips are lip-smackingly moreish. If you’ve got enough time, this casserole will gently bubble away for up to 90 minutes so the meat is extra tender and falls away from the bones. Serve with steamed greens.

Chicken on a bed of cous cous with lemon wedges

This low fat, feel-good family supper uses just five ingredients so it won’t break the bank. Lemon juice gives the couscous and chicken a fresh, zingy flavour while grated courgettes add moisture and boost the veg content. Opening out and flattening the chicken breasts allows them to cook quickly when pan-frying.

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What budget chicken recipes do your family enjoy? Leave a comment below…

This article was published in May 2022. Cost per serving figures are correct at time of calculation and are based on ingredients available from a mid-range supermarket, selecting products from their value ranges. Costings exclude energy expenditure. Variations in the marketplace, availability of ingredients and changing food prices will impact these figures but where possible our budget articles will feature recipes that cost less than £1.25 per person. For more budget-friendly recipes and cookery advice, visit our budget section.

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