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Small pile of sugar cookie truffles on white and gold plate with ornaments

These Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles are seriously incredible! Buttery and soft sugar cookie truffles enrobed in creamy white chocolate and sprinkles. Nothing better!

I hope you guys all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

I definitely had a great holiday this year, despite what my family has gone through. It was small – just my parents, my sister and her friend, and myself. My sister’s friend made a gorgeous turkey that looked like it came off of a Food Network magazine, and I made a small turkey breast and all the sides. I never realized this, but I think my favorite side is green bean casserole – the classic with the French fried onions and mushroom soup mix. Nothing fancy, but it hits the spot and feels like the holidays to me!

But now that Thanksgiving’s over, Christmas is in full swing… for most people. For me, it started November 1st. What can I say, Christmas decorations are more exciting, glittery, and cuter than Thanksgiving ones. *shrugs* I will not apologize for my merriment!

Anyway, I bet you’re thinking of little treats and gifts to make for friends and family or to just sit and eat one after another while watching Hallmark movie marathons. I hear you and I’m with you! These Sugar Cookie Truffles couldn’t be simpler to make and they’re super festive and ultra delicious!

Sometimes sugar cookies can be such a hassle and filled with DRAMA, you know? They either need a ton of alone time to chill, only to turn into bloated shapes after baking. And don’t even get me started on royal icing – what a pain! These take the guesswork and pain out of making cookies (although my Sugar Cookie recipe is amaazing!!!) into easy and delicious truffles.

Arrangement of sugar cookie truffles on a white plate with gold ornamentsJust grab some hard sugar cookies – yes, they need to be hard to work best – and grind them up in the food processor. Add in some cream cheese and a splash of vanilla extract for flavor and pulse until moistened and combined. Roll into Tablespoon-size truffles, briefly freeze to firm up, then coat in melted white chocolate. Garnish with sprinkles, let the truffles set, and voila! Couldn’t be easier and comes together in under an hour. Plus, you can easily double or triple the recipe to suit your needs!

Plate of sugar cookie truffles on a white plate with greenery in backgroundChristmas Sugar Cookie Truffles – come to mama!

Closeup of sugar cookie truffles sitting on a stack of cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles

These Christmas Sugar Cookie Truffles are seriously incredible! Bite-size soft and buttery sugar cookie truffles coated in sweet white chocolate and sprinkles.

Prep Time30 mins

Total Time30 mins

Course: Candy, Cookies, No Bake Desserts

Cuisine: American, Dessert

Servings: 12 truffles


  • 15 hard sugar cookies
  • 2 oz cream cheese
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • One (16 oz) package white almond bark
  • Sprinkles


  • Line a rimmed baking sheet with foil; set aside.

  • In a food processor, add the hard sugar cookies and grind until they become sandy crumbs. Add in the cream cheese and vanilla; pulse again until the mixture is cohesive and moistened and no streaks of cream cheese remain.

  • Using a Tablespoon-size cookie dough scoop, roll out rounded balls of sugar cookie dough and place on the baking sheet. Freeze the truffles for at least 15-20 minutes or until firmed. Meanwhile, just before they have firmed up, melt your white chocolate almond bark according to package directions, or until smooth and melted.

  • Using a fork, lower a truffle into the white chocolate mixture and toss to coat evenly in the melted white chocolate. Lift the truffle out of the white chocolate and allow excess to drip off before carefully sliding the truffle off of the fork and back onto the baking sheet. Immediately top with the Christmas sprinkles. Allow white chocolate coating to harden and set, about 10 minutes, before serving.


Hard sugar cookies are necessary for this recipe because soft ones will give off too much moisture. If you cannot find hard sugar cookies (check the bakery section for fresh-baked ones), you may use a butter shortbread, like Walker’s brand.

Sugar cookie truffle with a bite taken out of it sitting on top of cookiesButtery, creamy, sweet and adorable – these Sugar Cookie Truffles are a must make for the holidays!

Sugar Cookie Truffles photo collageHave a super sweet day!

xo, Hayley


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