Delicious Homemade Air Fryer Biscuits

Air Fryer Biscuits are so easy to make! Soft and tender on the inside with a buttery edge! Perfect with butter and honey or jam!

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Air Fryer Biscuits stacked on a serving plate

Why Make Biscuits In An Air Fryer?

I LOVE this biscuit recipe and making them in the air fryer is now my new favorite method to cook them. Of course I still adore my Skillet Biscuits. But if you’re looking for a more traditional style of biscuit, this is the perfect recipe. Cooking them in the air fryer gets that golden, crisp and buttery edge on all sides of the biscuit that I love so much. Plus, they’re done a little quicker than in the oven, which makes them a great side dish. AND this is a great option when you don’t want to turn on your oven and heat up your kitchen.

What Style Air Fryer Is Best?

I have covered this topic in great detail in my Air Fryer Breakdown post. So honestly, just use whatever air fryer you own. I prefer the air fryer that has racks (oven style air fryer) simply because you can cook more at once than the traditional basket-style. But both styles will work for this biscuit recipe!

PRO TIP: Even if you do have multiple racks in your air fryer, I still like to only cook on one rack for this recipe to produce the most evenly cooked biscuits. 

biscuit cut in half on a towel

Why This Recipe Works:

This recipe works like a dream. Buttery, crisp biscuit edges with a tender and flaky interior. Perfect for butter and honey!

  • Simple ingredients.
  • Using salted butter gives you that salty, buttery edge.
  • The air circulating in the air fryer really get the coveted crisp edge, but leaves the insides super tender and flaky!
  • Using cold butter leaves pea sized bits throughout the dough, which is what gives you the flaky layers. You don’t want to over-mix the dough!
  • The heat and the circulating air in the air fryer really gives the biscuits a lot of lift. Make sure your baking powder is fresh as well for sky high biscuits!

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