Foie Gras Rocher Recipe

The guys at ChefSteps are ‘really spoiling us’ with this deluxe recipe for foie gras rocher. Watch the mesmerising preparation.

Let’s sidestep the ethical questions around foie gras for a moment, and assume you can source humanely raised goose liver foie gras. You can make this indulgent, dare we say, decadent amuse-bouche foie gras rocher, that not only looks beautiful, but is built on the harmony of flavours and texture of its ingredients. Try a vegan alternative if you wish.

First, you’ll need to prepare a foie gras ganache, the steps for which you can see in the second video below. The ganache is made from foie gras, obviously, cooked in the sous vide. Once done, add curing salt, salt, sugar and gelatin-heavy cream. The whole thing is sieved to smooth out the texture.

For the foie gras rocher

Start with toasted hazelnuts, cut and sieve for uniformity of size and cut again. With a piping bag, fill the 30mm sphere mould and place a whole hazelnut in half of the semi-spheres and freeze. When nice and hard, you’ll need to use a pointed knife to carve out a hazelnut-sized dip in the other half of the semi-spheres.

You can then unify the spheres with the help of a kitchen blowtorch and freeze again. Melt the dark chocolate as required and remove the spheres from the mould. Use a paring knife to smooth the edges. Double-dip the spheres in the melted hot chocolate and then toss in the hazelnuts, using a blowtorch to melt the surface chocolate.

Reserve in the fridge until needed, when obviously, you are going to arrange them in a pyramid shape for when the Ambassador comes to visit.

For the foie gras ganache

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