How To Make Fried Eggs — 4 Ways!

How To Make Fried Eggs — 4 Ways!

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Learn how to make FRIED EGGS 4 ways -- sunny-side-up, over-easy, over-medium, over-hard -- with this video tutorial and easy recipe! |

Do you know your fried eggs??

I have to admit that — at age 33 — I’m just finally learning all of the various ways to fry an egg. ? ?

What can I say? I’ve been a happily content sunny-side-up girl for many years. I mean, every now and then I have given them a little flip to briefly fry the other side. But it wasn’t until I learned the little timer method that the difference between over-easy, over-medium, and over-hard fried eggs finally “clicked”. They’re all so easy to make! And so delicious!

And let’s be real — just about any dish tastes better if you pop a fried egg on it. ??

So for anyone else out there who might have never learned exactly how to make the 4 different kinds of fried eggs, we have a super-cute new video today (<– seriously, it’s totally one of my faves so far!) to show you how. And just in case you missed them, be sure to also check out our new video tutorials this week on how to make poached, soft-boiled, and hard-boiled eggs too!

So, here are my best tips for making perfectly fried eggs:

  • Use A NonStick Skillet: I mean, you can totally get away with making fried eggs in a stainless steel pan or anything else that’s not non-stick. But, you will have a much-much-much easier time lifting out your eggs if you go non-stick. A cast-iron skillet is my favorite pan to use.
  • Gently Pour In The Egg: Similar to our poached egg tutorial, I highly recommend cracking the egg into a small bowl first, and then pouring that into the pan. (And pro food-styling tip — if you want the egg to stay fairly compact and not spread out all over the pan, hold the bowl down just 1 cm or so away from the pan while you pour in the egg. And pour slowly, letting the whites find their placement for 1 or 2 seconds before letting the yolk slip into the middle of the pan. Works for me every time!) Of course, you’re totally welcome to just crack and pour the egg directly into the pan, but you run the risk of it spreading out much more.
  • Experiment And Find What’s Best For You: In terms of cooking temperature, how long exactly you cook the eggs, butter vs. oil — everyone seems to have different opinions when it comes to exactly how to cook fried eggs. My favorite method is below, but I know many people who swear by a lower or higher temperature, or who wouldn’t dream of using anything but butter. 😉 Up to you!!


Yield: 1 serving

How To Make Fried Eggs

Learn how to make fried eggs 4 ways — sunny-side-up, over-easy, over-medium, or over-hard — with this simple step-by-step video tutorial and recipe!


  • 1-3 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons butter or oil


  1. Carefully break an egg into a small bowl. (Repeat later if cooking multiple eggs.)
  2. Heat oil in a large (and preferably non-stick) sauté pan over medium heat. Once the pan is fully heated, carefully pour in the egg, and let it cook until the whites are completely set but the yolks are still soft. Remove immediately and serve for sunny-side-up eggs.
  3. Or, flip the egg over and cook for an additional 10-30 seconds for over-easy eggs, or 30-60 seconds for over-medium eggs, or 1-2 minutes for over-hard eggs.
  4. Remove and serve immediately, seasoned with salt and pepper if you’d like.

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