Lamb marinade: how to make it

Elevate the taste of your lamb chops and legs with top-notch marinades. Choose from a range of options, including classic herb and garlic, fresh mint and yoghurt, sweet honey and tangy mustard marinades.

How to marinate lamb

Lamb chops marinated with oil and herbs.

Marinades are primarily used to add flavour to lamb cuts. It’s worth noting that marinades only affect the surface of the meat. 

Here’s how to marinate your lamb:

  • Stir all the ingredients together in a small bowl. You can also add them to a jar and shake it up.
  • Place your lamb meat into a shallow dish or sealable plastic bag, then pour the marinade on top.
  • Cover or seal, then refrigerate for 15 minutes up to 24 hours.

How long does it take to marinate lamb?

Marinating lamb chops.

Small lamb cuts typically require a minimum of four hours of marinating, while larger cuts can benefit from a 24 to 48 hour marinade. Over-marinating isn’t recommended as the meat won’t absorb any additional flavours beyond the given time frame. 

Best lamb marinade recipes

Adding marinades to lamb dishes can enhance flavour and tenderness. From traditional herbs and garlic to sweet and tangy honey mustard, a variety of marinades can be used to intensify the taste of your lamb dishes. Here are three terrific recipes to try next time you cook lamb.

Leg of lamb marinating.

Greek marinade

This versatile Greek-style marinade from Spruce Eats is perfect for any type of meat, but it’s a match made in heaven with lamb. A blend of lemon, olive oil, garlic, oregano, and thyme create a Mediterranean-inspired flavour that pairs perfectly with lamb chops, kebabs, and leg of lamb. Simply adjust the amount of marinade according to the size of your meat and let it marinate for several hours to allow the flavours to meld.

Mint yougurt marinade

The assertive flavours of lamb and mint work together to balance and enhance each other. Yoghurt helps the mint stick to the lamb and keeps it juicy and tender. Try Serious Eats’ mint and yoghurt marinade for a delicious and tender lamb dish.

Honey and mustard

Tangy and sweet, this honey and mustard marinade from The Irish Food Board is the perfect complement to tender lamb. The flavours of Dijon and wholegrain mustard, honey, lemon juice, garlic and rosemary create a delightful combination.

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