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If you are looking for some delicious comfort food, this pepperoni pierogy pizza casserole will see you right! It only takes 10 minutes to prep this dinner, making it perfect for an easy weeknight meal.

pierogy pizza casserole in baking dish next to toppings

Pizza Casserole

This easy dinner is so effortless to make and it’s so yummy and full of flavor!

With all of your favorite pizza flavors, this pepperoni pierogy pizza casserole comes together in minutes and is super hearty and comforting.

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Why you’ll love this Pierogy Pizza Casserole Recipe:

  • Quick: It only takes 10 minutes to prep this dish before it goes into the oven to bake.
  • Easy: There’s nothing complicated about this recipe. You just need a handful of simple ingredients and a baking dish!
  • Kid friendly: If you have picky eaters in the house, I’m pretty convinced that they will love these!
pierogy pizza casserole in baking dish
up close image of pepperoni pierogy pizza casserole

How to make a pepperoni pierogy pizza casserole

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  • Place half of the pizza sauce in the bottom of a casserole dish.
  • Place the pierogies on top.
  • Spoon over the rest of the sauce.
  • Add grated cheese and pepperoni.
  • Bake!
overhead image of pepperoni pizza pierogi casserole
pierogy pizza casserole in baking dish next to toppings

Can you use frozen pierogies in this recipe?

You can use frozen pierogies, but you must thaw them before making the dish. To thaw them, you can place them in the fridge at the start of the day to allow them to defrost, or you can boil them for three minutes and drain them before adding to the dish.

What so you serve it with?

We like to top this pierogy pizza casserole with our favorite pizza toppings like black olives, chopped bell peppers and fresh basil. It’s great to serve with a Caprese Salad or Shoestring Fries on the side.

Can you make this casserole ahead of time?

This is a great make ahead casserole. You can make the whole dish and keep it covered in the fridge for 2 or 3 days until you are ready to bake it.

Leftovers will keep well for 3 or 4 days and can be reheated, covered with foil, in an oven to be warmed through.

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pierogy pizza casserole on plate
plated pizza pierogy casserole with olives and green pepper toppings


  • I like to use mini pierogies in this recipe, but you can use full sized ones if you prefer.
  • I used 4 cheese pierogies, but you can use whatever your favorite filling is.
  • Spray your casserole dish with non-stick spray before adding the sauce.
plated pizza pierogy casserole with olives and green pepper toppings

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