Sponge Candy | How To Make Old Fashioned Candy

Sponge Candy is a classic hard candy recipe that has a sponge-like texture on the inside and a subtle sweetness. Dip it or drizzle it with chocolate or sprinkle with a little flaked sea salt for an old fashioned treat!

Sponge Candy Recipe

Sponge Candy is a Nostalgic and Simple Candy!

I am super excited about today’s recipe! I love making candy, but I don’t seem to do it very often, which is a shame. It’s generally pretty easy, and if you trust your candy thermometer you’re already ahead of the game!

I do have a feeling that this recipe might spark controversy in the way of name. There are so many names given to this type of candy that you might know it as Honeycomb Candy, Sea Foam, or Cinder Toffee to name a few. Some recipes use honey, some don’t use vinegar, some might include molasses…there are all sorts of variations. I found that the different names for Sponge Candy can be regional, but please note they are all very similar!

Honeycomb Candy

What IS Sponge Candy?

Sponge Candy is a toffee-style hard candy that is crunchy and sweet with a sponge-like texture on the inside.

You achieve this texture by boiling the candy as you would any other hard candy, but as soon as it reaches 300°F on the candy thermometer you add in baking soda which reacts with the vinegar in the candy creating carbon dioxide. This makes the candy bubble up giving it the airy texture you see!

So basically it’s like a science experiment and a sweet treat all in one place!