Spring Cleaning Instant Win • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

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Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen fam! Spin to win the spring cleaning instant win game. There are five different pries to win to give you a kick start on spring cleaning. If you want to do some real spring cleaning join us for the second round of our Five Day Refrigerator Detox Challenge! 

ANZOEE Reusable Silicone Dishwashing Gloves

Use these gloves again and again to get a deep scrub on all of your dishes. The Anozoee gloves have small bristles to create more bubbles and get off all food spots. The dense brush side creates more bubbles while the soft brush side ensures no scratches on anything you wash.


Full Circle Tiny Team Mini Brush

This mini broom is perfect for keeping in the kitchen for when there are small messes. Quickly sweep up small spills or breaks and toss in the trash! This broom will store nicely under the sink or hang up on the wall with the convenient circle shaped handle. 


Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Win wet ones hand wipes to keep in your car, purse, kitchen, pocket–anywhere! These small packs of anti-bacterial wipes can go with you everywhere and keep you and the kids sanitized all the time. Wipe down sticky hands and dirty surfaces!


Swiffer Duster Super Extender Handle

We are also giving away a swiller duster with an extended handle! Finally, dust all of the hardest to reach places in your home. This duster offers 360 degrees of specially coated fibers grab onto dust & don’t let go. They are uniquely designed to trap and lock dust from every direction. 


Tide PODS Laundry Detergent

Clean your clothes with detergent that will leave them clean and with a fresh sent. Skip measuring detergent, simply toss a tide pod into the wash with your clothes and let the cleaning begin! Tide PODS pacs are small but powerful. They pack 10X cleaning power in an innovative, three chamber design separating key ingredients until they hit the wash for maximum cleaning power.


Spin to win below.



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