Sprinkle Refrigerator Cookies – Cookies and Cups

Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies are the ultimate DIY slice and bake cookie! Buttery, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and loaded with sprinkles. Super easy, and perfect to make ahead!

This recipe is a throwback to the cookie dough of my youth. The kind that they sell by the log in the supermarket near the butter and eggs. You know, the kind that would never actually make it into the oven (and I survived! Take THAT salmonella!) I mean, I know it’s still available to buy (it IS, right?) but I just haven’t purchased log cookie dough in many moons. I’m a big kid now, and I make my own cookie dough that never makes it’s way into the oven.

It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies


The whole objective with the cookie log is to slice it into round pieces and bake. Which is a pretty great idea, except my cookies were never round. They always squished, so I had sort of a “letter D” shaped cookie. I know you know.

And I won’t say I solved the mystery to that problem today, but I did make a pretty fab slice and bake cookie dough recipe, that you should most definitely make asap.

Plus, sprinkles make everything better.

Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies

And you should definitely go heavy handed on the sprinkles.

The dough is extra easy to make. And once it’s done you divide it into 3 equal portions, roll it in cling wrap and chill it for a few hours (or up to 3 days). You could even freeze the dough at this point if you only wanted to bake a few cookies. This is a great recipe to make way in advance, freeze it, and then pull it out of the oven to bake when you’re ready.

Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies

And when you are ready, just cut the dough into slices!

Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies

Bake them for 7-8 minutes, or until the edges are lightly golden.

Refrigerator Sprinkle Cookies

Such a throwback cookie, I love it! AND, let me just tell you…you could easy swap out the sprinkles for mini chocolate chips, or nuts, or just leave them plain. You could even roll the whole log of dough in sugar, or sprinkles. There are so many fun ways to enjoy this recipe!

And if you’re looking for more sprinkle recipes, you should DEFINITELY make my Half Pound Sprinkle Cookies!