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Skip the morning drive through line and make a Starbucks Pink Drink at home! With this quick and easy recipe, you’ll be sipping on your favorite drink in no time.

starbucks pink drink with fresh strawberries with gold straw

Copycat Starbucks Pink Drink Recipe

Pretty in pink, this Starbucks Pink Drink always makes me smile! This creamy, delicious, and slightly sweet drink is an instant day brightener any time of year. Skip the drive through and use this simple recipe to make your own Pink Drink at home – saving time and money!

Thanks to tea, coconut milk, and fresh strawberries, this copycat Starbucks Pink Drink is light, refreshing, and bursting with flavor. After one sip of this DIY Pink Drink, you’ll find any occasion to quickly whip one up!

Why you’ll love this Strawberry Pink Drink recipe:

  • REFRESHING: Served on ice, the combination of chilled tea and coconut milk is ultra refreshing.
  • PRETTY: This fun Starbucks drink is not only delicious, it’s pretty, too! These Pink Drinks are so fun to serve at parties, for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any day that could use a pop of pink.
  • EASY: Made with 4 simple ingredients and ready in less than 5 minutes, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Add a little pep to your step with a homemade Pink Drink!

step by step photos for how to make starbucks pink drink
pouring cream into glass of starbucks pink drink

How to Make a Starbucks Pink Drink at Home

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  1. Combine the tea and grape juice.
  2. Add ice and coconut milk.
  3. Garnish with freshly sliced strawberries.

Pink Drink Recipe Notes

  • Tea: I used Tazo brand ready to drink hibiscus tea for this mocktail recipe. Instead of ready to drink tea, you can also steep your own. Combine 1 tea bag and ½ cup of very hot water and set it aside to steep for 15 minutes. Let it cool to room temperature before continuing with the recipe.
  • Grape Juice: White grape juice adds welcome sweetness and fruit flavor to this drink. White cranberry juice is also a delicious choice!
  • Coconut Milk: Before adding, stir the coconut milk really well. I used full-fat unsweetened coconut milk in this recipe.
  • Strawberries: While optional, fresh strawberries are a beautiful garnish!
stirring cream into strawberry pink drink
strawberry pink drink topped with sliced strawberries
Can I use freeze dried strawberries for this Pink Drink?

For best taste and texture, fresh strawberries are best in this drink.

What kind of grape juice should I use?

Use your favorite kind of white grape juice for this Pink Drink recipe.

What can I use instead of coconut milk?

For a truly copycat Starbucks Pink Drink, coconut is a must. It adds a wonderful creaminess and unique flavor. Instead of coconut milk, use your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk.

What brand of hibiscus tea should I use?

I recommend the ready to drink Tazo brand hibiscus tea.

Can I double this Pink Drink recipe?

Absolutely! Simply double the ingredients, follow the recipe steps as written, and divide it into 2 glasses.

Easy to make and even easier to sip, you’ll love this homemade Pink Drink!

strawberry pink drink topped with sliced strawberries
starbucks pink drink with fresh strawberries


  • Before you take that first sip, be sure to give the coconut milk a good stir in the glass.
  • Instead of white grape juice, white cranberry juice is a delicious alternative.
  • Try adding fresh raspberries or blackberries in place of strawberries.

When you are craving a sweet, refreshing drink, this flavorful Pink Drink is a must!

starbucks pink drink with fresh strawberries

No more stressing about long lines at Starbucks – make a copycat Pink Drink at home in minutes!

If you make this recipe be sure to upload a photo in the comment section below or leave a rating. Enjoy!

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