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In a blender or food processor, blend together the soaked sun-dried tomatoes, basil, parsley, garlic, pine nuts, onion, vinegar, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes and red wine until well combined. Then, add in the olive oil and Parmesan cheese, and season with salt according to your taste.

Vegan sun-dried tomato pesto


1 cup (136g) pine nuts
1 cup (210g) sun-dried tomatoes
2 tbsps (30ml) lemon juice, freshly squeezed
2 tbsps (30ml) olive oil
⅓ cup (20g) nutritional yeast flakes
1 tsp (5g) crushed garlic
¼ cup (5g) fresh basil leaves
¼ tsp (0.6g) ground black pepper
Salt to taste


Step 1

Add the pine nuts to a frying pan. Roast them for approximately 5 minutes over medium heat, turning them frequently until they are lightly browned. There is no need to add oil to the pan.

Step 2

Transfer the roasted pine nuts to a food processor along with the sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, crushed garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice, nutritional yeast flakes, fresh basil leaves, sea salt and ground black pepper. Process the ingredients until they are well combined.

Serve the red pesto immediately.

How to use sun-dried tomato pesto

If you are tired of using boring old tomato paste in your recipes, switch it up with sun-dried tomato pesto in dishes like cottage pie, stews, meatballs, chilli con carne and more. Red pesto can also be a delightful alternative to regular tomato sauce, adding a burst of flavour to your pizza base or pasta dishes.

How to store sun-dried tomato pesto

To maintain the freshness of your sun-dried tomato pesto, store it in an airtight container and refrigerate it. Before using, bring it to room temperature and give it a thorough stir to ensure an even consistency.

Sun-dried tomato pesto can be refrigerated for up to one week while retaining its quality. It is recommended to stir the pesto well before use. Additionally, sun-dried tomato pesto can be conveniently frozen for later use.

You can find a range of mouth-watering pesto variations, some of which add ingredients such as almonds, mint, and capers. To explore these delicious pesto ideas further, check out our collection of five homemade pesto sauce recipes.

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