This Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe Is the Collaboration of the Year

Some Venn Diagrams are more interesting than others. The Venn Diagram you made in second grade that compared amphibians to reptiles (Both cold blooded! Wow! Neat!) is slightly less interesting than a diagram comparing pizza and Buffalo wings. Because in the middle of that diagram, you have a modern miracle. Buffalo chicken pizza.

Buffalo chicken pizza might seem like some kind of monster, dreamt up in a stoner’s laboratory, but while it is certainly not traditional, it is 100% certified to be delicious. When we talk about cravings, the spicy, creamy, salty, cheesy flavors of Buffalo chicken pizza are what we talk about. It somehow manages to incorporate about three too many gratuitous ingredients and still be better for it.

We decided to give in to our cravings and develop a recipe for a cast-iron, Buffalo chicken pizza, one that’s easy to make and uses store-bought dough and already-cooked chicken (or rotisserie) for an extra, cozy layer of convenience.

After proofing (a crucial step to phenomenal homemade pizza), the dough is thrown into a ripping-hot, pre-heated cast-iron pan and piled with exactly what you’d expect: Buffalo sauce, a mixture of mozzarella and blue cheese, and chicken tossed in the same Buffalo sauce. It all melds into one fatty, crispy, spicy, melty, savory piece of art.

basically equipment cast iron skillet

A preheated cast-iron skillet is the secret to this pizza’s success.

No nutritionist has ever recommended that you eat Buffalo chicken pizza. There’s a reason that this recipe wasn’t published on Healthyish, and that reason is called Buffalo sauce. Our Buffalo sauce is a mixture of butter, hot sauce, marinara sauce (an atypical addition in our recipe), and cream. Like we said…not super healthy. It’s an extremely flavorful sauce that battles with the blue cheese sauce you drizzle over the pizza at the end. Oh. We haven’t told you about that yet.

Yes. More sauce. So much delicious sauce. As a final step, we drizzle a mixture of blue cheese, yogurt, lemon juice, garlic powder, water, and celery salt (essentially homemade blue cheese dressing) over the pizza and shave some celery (a vegetable!) on top. The crispness of the celery and acid in the dressing liven up the cheesy, saucy pizza below.

If you love blue cheese, really lay that stuff on, but if you don’t, go lighter. Make sure to leave some extra blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce to dip your crust in. Because everyone knows plain crust needs…a little something.

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