Vegan Risotto Cakes – Eat With Your Eyes


Ingredients: 1 cup Arborio rice,1 cup Arborio rice,1 box of No-Chicken Broth, (32 oz),1 garlic clove, finely minced,2 Garlic cloves, pressed, up to 4, optional,lemon,oil for frying,2 tablespoons Olive Oil,1 large Onion, sliced vertically,Panko bread crumbs,salt and pepper to taste,1 cup shiitake mushrooms, chopped,1 tablespoon thyme, finely chopped,1 large ripe tomato, skinless, seeded and chopped,1 tablespoon tomato paste,2 teaspoons white truffle oil,2 teaspoons chardonnay wine

  1. Heat the broth in a pan and keep warm on the stove top. In a medium size sauce pan, add the oil and heat over medium low. Once the oil is heated, add the onions and saute until slightly softened.
  2. Add the garlic and mushrooms and continue to cook for 5 minutes.
  3. Add the thyme and rice and stir so the rice is coated.
  4. Add the wine and stir for a few minutes until the alcohol is cooked out. Now begin adding the broth, one or two ladles at a time. Stir the rice and as the rice absorbs the broth add more. Stir constantly and repeat the process of adding more broth as needed until little or no broth is left. This process will take approximately 25 minutes.
  5. Add the salt and pepper to taste. Finally, give it a liberal squeeze of fresh lemon juice, to taste.Sauce:Warm the truffle oil in a saute pan and add the garlic.
  6. Saute only until it becomes aromatic.
  7. Add the tomato and tomato paste and cook until it pulls together and becomes slightly thickened.
  8. Add the chardonnay and cook 2 minutes more. Season to taste.Making the Cakes:Using a 1/4 C measure, measure out the risotto and press into cake like shapes. Dip the cakes in panko bread crumbs covering completely.
  9. Heat the oil in a saute pan and lay the cakes into the oil. Cook until browned and flip over browning the other side.
  10. Serve with a small dollop of tomato sauce.


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