Watch Chef Massimo Bottura Cooking on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Massimo Bottura recently popped by the Jimmy Kimmel show in the US to promote his new book Bread is Gold, which features over 150 recipes from the Italian and some of the world’s best chefs, all using food destined for landfill, and to discuss his Food for Soul project, a series of soup kitchens (‘Refettorios’) around the world where the needy can enjoy gourmet meals made from food waste

Proving just what can be done with seemingly very un-gourmet and well passed their best ingredients, Bottura set about creating a three-course-meal from food he found in the show’s writers’ fridge, including black bananas, breakfast cereal and old bagels. 

Last year, Bottura announced that he would be launching Refettorios in four major US cities using a huge grant from The Rockerfeller Foundation, while Paris, France and Naples, Italy will be the next to open in March and April respectively.

See what Bottura managed to rustle up in the clip below

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