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Crème brûlée is definitely on our list of swoon-worthy classic French desserts. But what’s a vegan to do when faced with this egg-rich dessert? Naturally, one searches for plant-based alternatives. Thus, the avocado crème brûlée was born!

What is an avocado crème brûlée?

Don’t let its bright green colour scare you away, this tasty vegan version of crème brûlée is sweet, creamy, and mighty tasty. The basic recipe calls for just four ingredients: avocados, coconut milk, vanilla extract and sugar for ensuring the crispy topping. Some recipes swap coconut milk with sweetened condensed milk, which also adds a nice body to this creamy dessert. The fruity aftertaste is to die for!

To make your avocado crème brûlée as deliciously ‘creamy’ as possible, make sure you use avocados that are as ripe as possible.

How to make avocado crème brûlée

A traditional crème brûlée requires a trip to the oven in a bain marie, to ensure the custard cooks slowly and without curdling. It is a process that takes an hour or so, not counting the cooldown time. However, an avocado crème brûlée doesn’t require baking. Not only are you saving time but you get to enjoy a tasty vegan dessert in just minutes. Try this easy avocado crème brûlée recipe from the Food Network.

Hungry for more?

Avocado can work as a versatile dessert ingredient that helps replicate creamy consistency in vegan alternatives. Check out this inspirational list of recipe ideas.

This article was updated on 31/03/2023.

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