23 Easy Three-Ingredient Desserts

Sometimes cooking doesn’t need to be over-complicated, especially when it comes to dessert time. Instead of going to town with dozens of ingredients, try keeping sweets simple instead, and use fewer ingredients to maximum effect.

Think chocolate and peanut butter fudge, cookies and ice cream pie, or fruit-forward desserts like poached pears and strawberries in balsamic vinegar. They’re all easy three-ingredient desserts that will satisfy a spectrum of sweet-toothed guests.

With that in mind, we’ve collated a selection of easy three-ingredient dessert recipes that champion store-cupboard essentials, as well as seasonal fruit and perennial favourites like chocolate, to keep life sweet and simple when you need it most.


Easy Three-Ingredient Desserts

If dessert-time means capitalising on comfort food in front of a movie, try Tasty‘s recipes for triple decker ‘box’ brownies, cookies and ice cream pie, and peanut butter chocolate 3-ingredient fudge and more, in the easy three-ingredient dessert recipes shown in the video below.


Three-Ingredient Chocolate Desserts

If chocolate rules in your house, check out these simple recipes, which let the chocolate do the talking in the Tasty tutorial below: ‘cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream‘, ‘chocolate and peanut butter fudge’ and ‘chocolate-strawberry braid’ recipes.


Golden crispy deep-fried caramel apple wedges turn everyday apples into a decadent sweet treat in this easy recipe.

Crispy fried apples wedges


Strawberries and watermelon dressed in sweet and rich balsamic vinegar give this simple dessert a decidedly sophisticated edge in this summer dessert.

Balsamic Strawberries


Fluffy pancakes with an acidic kick draw on all the store-cupboard essentials. Keep them seasonal with a good sprinkling of blueberries in this easy recipe.

Buttermilk pancakes


Pears poached in red wine is a classic dessert that’s stood the test of time, with good reason. Try our easy recipe for this simple adult dessert.

Poached Pears


When only chocolate will do, try this simple recipe for a scoopable rich chocolate pudding. Dark chocolate, milk and cornstarch are all you need.

Chocolate pudding


Fresh strawberries, icing sugar and white wine make this strawberry granita an infinitely cool finish to a summer dinner.

Strawberry Granita

Bake up a batch of these family favourites, set them down and watch them go.



When you don’t feel like cooking this no-bake tray cake is perfect for fun-size party snacks.

Rice Krispie Treat


Put the zing into dessert time with this easy Italian lemon sorbet recipe.

Lemon sorbet


This Italian spoon dessert is made with store-cupboard essentials and is always a sure-fire dinner party pleaser.

Panna cotta with stawberries

A real freezer should never be without a decadent dark chocolate ice cream. Here’s how to make up a batch at home.

Chocolate ice cream

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