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Naan bread covered with curry on a plate

Combine the gorgeous nutty flavours of roasted cauliflower with a creamy tomato and cashew sauce to make a vibrant veggie supper. With only five minutes prep time, this fragrant curry dish is a midweek marvel.

2. Orzo & tomato soup

Two bowls of orzo and tomato soup with bread and spoons

Soup doesn’t have to be boring. Once the family has tucked into this nourishing tomato, chickpea and pasta blend, there will be no going back. Even better – it’s a great source of fibre and provides two of your five-a-day. Finish with a swirl of pesto and serve with crusty bread for dunking.

Reheating this the next day? The orzo will have absorbed some of the liquid, so just add some boiling water to make it more soup-like again.

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3. Pork & apple burgers

Two burgers on buns with apple, chutney and mustard

Buying cheaper cuts of meat or mince is a great way to lower your shopping costs. Sausagemeat is already packed with flavour so there’s no need to add any extra ingredients to the burger mixture. Simply flatten and fry the patties until golden, then kids can help assemble the burgers with apples, rocket and dressings. These juicy buns can be on the table in just 30 minutes, making them an ideal weeknight dinner.

4. Easy chicken stew

Pot of chicken stew next to two bowls

Healthy and hearty, this warming one-pot will keep everyone satisfied, and provides two of your five-a-day. Chicken thighs are cheaper and often more flavoursome than using breasts, and chunky veg helps to bulk up the stew. Serve warm cheese scones or crusty bread on the side for dunking.

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5. Posh egg, chips & beans

Fried egg, benas and wedges on a plate

Give this comfort food classic a healthy makeover by making it from scratch using simple ingredients such as chopped tomatoes, cannellini beans and baking potatoes. Kids won’t even notice the hidden veg, so you’ll never have to reach for the cans of baked beans again.

6. Cheesy sprout pasta bake

Pasta bake with brussel sprouts and cheese

Celebrate sprouts in all their glory by roasting them for a delicious crispy texture, then serving in a moreishly cheesy pasta dish. This hearty mac ‘n’ cheese-style meal will be a joy to come home to and requires only five minutes prep time.

7. Herby rice with roasted veg, chickpeas & halloumi

Bowl of rice topped with roasted peppers, onions, courgettes and chickpeas

Enjoy a healthy yet filling vegetarian dinner with this brown rice dish topped with roasted vegetables, chickpeas and halloumi. Whizz together a beautiful homemade parsley pesto using cashews, oil, garlic and parsley, and coat the rice.

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8. One-pot chicken & mushroom risotto 

Pot of chicken and mushroom risotto next to a bowl of cheese, plate and glass

Dig into this simple and comforting chicken and mushroom risotto, perfect for a cold winter evening. There’s no need to get bogged down in endless washing-up using only one pot. Serve with chopped parsley and extra parmesan for that added layer of flavour.

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9. Chole with cumin rice & raita 

A bowl of rice topped with chickpea curry and raita

Use your storecupboard ingredients such as chickpeas, spices and rice for this delicious chickpea curry. Not only is it brilliantly budget-friendly, but it is also healthy and gluten-free. Top with refreshing cucumber raita and optional pomegranate seeds for a burst of colour and sweetness.

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10. Sardine pasta with crunchy parsley crumbs 

Two bowls of spaghetti topped with parsley crumb

Sardines are a great source of omega-3 and an easy way of incorporating fish into your diet without breaking the bank. The crunchy breadcrumb topping texture combination against the silky spaghetti creates a fancy feel for this family meal.

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