Corned Beef Hash – Creme De La Crumb

Total Time: 30 minutes

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This easy, one pan Corned Beef Hash features crispy potatoes, corned beef, tender bell pepper, and savory seasonings for a delicious breakfast that you can make in just 30 minutes!

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corned beef hash in a skillet

Why This Recipe Works

Simple Steps: My corn beef hash recipe is super simple to make, since I use canned corn beef and there is no need to slow cook or cure a beef brisket on your own! Simply follow the recipe instructions and you will end up with a beautiful corned beef hash, using easy to find ingredients.

IrishInspired: While I can’t attest to how authentic this corned beef hash is an a Irish dish, I do know that many people each corned beef around the time of St. Patrick’s Day. This hash recipe is perfect to have on St. Patty’s Day to start your day off right!

So Satisfying: Honestly, nothing is better than a potato hash for breakfast. The savory, crispy potatoes with the corned beef and veggies all balance each other out to make a super flavorful meal! Corned beef hash and eggs might be the new Sunday brunch trend in our house!


This crispy canned corn beef hash recipe is made with easy to find ingredients for ease! Here’s what you’ll need:

ingredients for corned beef hash
  • Potatoes: For this recipe, Yukon gold potatoes or russet potatoes will do best. Peel and dice them before cooking!
  • Onion & Bell Pepper: Onion and bell pepper add both flavor and texture here. I used red bell pepper but you can use whichever color you like.
  • Canned Corned Beef: If you’ve never had canned corned beef, trust me when I say that it is actually very good! You can cube it up into bite sized pieces and make it nice and crispy in the pan.
  • Worcestershire Sauce: Worcestershire sauce adds a bit of tang and some umami flavor here. You will also season with salt and pepper!
  • Eggs: After cooking the potatoes and beef together, you will throw some eggs right into the pan to let them cook and have a perfectly runny egg to each along with the hash! If you don’t like eggs, you can skip this step.

Here’s How to Make It

Step by Step Instructions

six steps of preparing corned beef hash recipe
  1. Boil Potatoes: Bring the diced potatoes to a boil in a pan of salted water and cook for 5-10 minutes or until just tender. Drain.
  2. Sauté Onion: Heat the oil over a medium high heat in a large skillet or non-stick frying pan. Add the oinon and a pinch of salt and cook for 5 minutes until they have started to soften and color around the edges.
  3. Add Potatoes, Pepper and Corned Beef: Next, add the potatoes, pepper and corned beef to the pan and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring just once to make sure things are not sticking to the bottom of the pan and the onions are not burning, but to start getting some color onto the potatoes and to start crisping up the beef.
  4. Season: Stir in the Worcestershire sauce and season with cracked pepper. Cook for a further 5 minutes, or until the corned beef and potatoes are crispy.
  5. Add Eggs: Lower the heat to medium. Make 2-4 wells in the mixture and crack in the eggs. Cook until the whites are cooked but the yolk is still runny. If your pan has a lid, using it will speed up the process.
  6. Serve & Enjoy: Serve the corned beef hash and eggs warm with chopped parsley, if desired, and enjoy!
up close fried eggs with corned beef and veggies

Expert Tips

  • Dice the potatoes to a uniform size. To ensure that the potatoes all cook at the same rate and are done at the same time, try to dice them all to around the same size.
  • Like it spicy? You can add some cayenne pepper to your corned beef hash while cooking, or serve with hot sauce for some spicy flavor!
  • For the perfect eggs, make wells in the mixture and crack them in. Then, place the lid on top of the pan. This will steam the eggs on the top to cook the egg perfectly while will keeping the yolk runny! If you don’t like a runny yolk, cook them until the yolk is harder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corned beef hash?

A hash is a term to describe a meal that is made up of potatoes, vegetables, and some sort of meat. Corned beef is a beef brisket that is generally cured in a salt brine to make it nice and tender. The corned beef with the potatoes and vegetables makes for a savory and delicious meal!

What goes with corned beef hash?

The eggs and corned beef hash can make a full meal, or you can pair it with some soda bread or biscuits!

How to store corned beef hash?

To store leftover corned beef hash, place it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days. Reheat in the microwave until heated through!

corned beef hash topped with fried eggs

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beef and potatoes with veggies and fried eggs on top

Corned Beef Hash

This easy, one pan Corned Beef Hash features crispy potatoes, corned beef, tender bell pepper, and savory seasonings for a delicious breakfast that you can make in just 30 minutes!