Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Sriracha Dipping Sauce

It’s wing time! Whip up a batch of sizzling, golden-brown Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Sriracha Dipping Sauce, and savor the tender, juicy perfection!

overhead shot of chicken wings on a platter served with sriracha sauce, ranch, and celery sticks.

Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Dipping Sauce

Whether I’m making a meal out of them, or just serving a few as a tempting appetizer, wings make me happy! I love the crispy crunch and juicy interior of perfectly fried chicken wings, and the sauces! Oh my! From ranch to buffalo to this awesome sriracha option, there are so many mouthwatering choices!

And, this easy air fryer version makes it simpler than ever to make authentic “fried” wings. You only need cooking spray, seasonings, and there’s hardly any cleanup. Awesome, right?

Recipe Ingredients

These crave-worthy chicken wings are perfectly delicious on their own, or with the hot and spicy Sriracha dipping sauce! They’re sure to be a favorite!

For the Wings

  • Wings: This recipe is for 2 pounds of chicken wings. I like the wings separated into flats and drums.
  • Zest of 1 Lemon: Lime works great, too!
  • Salt: One teaspoon, or to taste.
  • Paprika: You can use sweet or smoked paprika, whichever you like or have on hand.
  • Garlic Powder: Easy to use and provides tons of flavor!
  • Baking Powder
  • Thyme: I use a teaspoon of dried thyme here.
  • Cayenne: Just ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper gives a nice kick! Feel free to omit this if you want milder wings.
  • Black Pepper: Freshly ground black pepper, to taste.

dipping chicken drumette in sriracha sauce

For the Dipping Sauce

  • Sriracha: You’ll need ¼ cup of sriracha sauce for this recipe.
  • Butter: 3 tablespoons butter, unsalted
  • Garlic Salt: Just ¼ teaspoon of garlic salt, or to taste.

How to Cook Chicken Wings in the Air Fryer

I love cooking in my Air Fryer. It’s such an easy and healthy way to make your favorite fried foods, without using an obscene amount of oil or making a mess.

  1. Season the Chicken Wings. Using paper towels, thoroughly pat dry the chicken wings. Place the chicken wings in a bowl and add the lemon zest, salt, paprika, garlic powder, baking powder, thyme, cayenne, and black pepper; toss the wings gently to coat.
  2. Prep the Air Fryer. Coat the inside of the air fryer basket with cooking spray. Set the cooking temperature to 400˚F.
  3. Fry the Wings in Batches. Arrange the chicken wings in the air fryer basket in one single layer with spaces in between. (Don’t try to fit all the chicken wings at once; you will need to cook them in batches to avoid overcrowding.) Spray the wings with cooking oil, and bake for 8 minutes or so per side, flipping and spraying again with oil in between cooking.

chicken wings arranged inside the air fryer basket

How Long Do Wings Take in the Air Fryer?

  • I find that it takes wings anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes per side, or 16 to 24 minutes total. That’s because chicken wings vary in size and thickness. If you’re using large wings, give them more time to cook. You’ll know they’re done when the meat separates easily from the bones, the chicken is tender, and the juices run clear. Nonetheless, please use an internal meat thermometer and insert it into the thickest area of the wing, being careful to avoid the bone. When wings’ internal temperature registers at 165˚F, they’re done. 

cooked chicken wings in air fryer basket

How to Make the Dipping Sauce

While the wings are cooking, prepare the sauce:

  1. Simmer the Sauce Ingredients. Place the sriracha sauce, butter, and garlic salt in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Bring to a simmer, whisking continuously until the butter melts.
  2. Adjust Seasoning. Remove from the heat; taste for salt, and adjust as needed.
  3. Serve. Plate up the fried wings and serve with dipping sauce.

Tips for the Best Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Want to learn more? Here are a few easy tricks to making really good wings in an air fryer. Bon appetit!

  • Fit More Wings: If you stand some of the wings up along the sides of the air fryer, you can fit more inside. Drums work best for this, standing straight-up on the thicker end.
  • Avoid Commercial Cooking Sprays: Some aerosol-type cooking sprays like Pam can actually damage your air fryer over time, so it’s better to spritz pure olive oil, avocado oil, etc. onto the food and basket. Don’t have a spray bottle for your oil? Try brushing a tiny bit on with a basting brush.
  • Try Baking Powder: This has long been a “secret” for being nice, crispy fried chicken! Just add about a teaspoon of baking powder to your seasoning mixture. It will help the chicken cook up extra-crispy and golden brown. Yum!

overhead picture of chicken wings on a platter served with sriracha sauce, ranch, and celery sticks.

Serving Suggestions

What kind of side dishes do you like to serve with chicken wings? While veggie sticks and bleu cheese are always popular, there are so many other cool ideas out there to try! These are some of my favorites.

  • Sweet Potato Wedges: Sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition, and they’re so delicious simply baked into crispy, satisfying wedges. Try my Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges recipe for a side dish your whole family will adore!
  • Broccoli and Cheese: Cheese, broccoli, bacon, oh my! This Cheesy Broccoli Casserole with Bacon is like mac and cheese, only better! It’s loaded with flavor and goes really well with crispy wings. Try it and see!
  • Cobb Salad: You already love the crunch of fresh veggies with hot wings, so why not try a big, colorful salad? This Mediterranean Cobb Salad is so fresh and hearty, it’s absolutely stunning with a plate of these scrumptious wings.

chicken wings on a platter served with sriracha sauce, ranch, and celery sticks.

How to Store and Reheat Leftovers

  • To refrigerate, place the wings in shallow, airtight containers and store in the fridge for up to 3 days.
  • To reheat, place the wings on a sheet pan or other baking dish, and bake at 350˚F until heated through.