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These fun crockpot white chocolate haystacks are a delicious and easy treat to make this Christmas. Made in the slow cooker, they take minutes to prep and are great for the whole family.

christmas white chocolate peanut haystack on parchment

White Chocolate Haystacks

These white chocolate haystacks are the festive treat you need this year! Perfectly crunchy and sweet, top them with Christmas sprinkles for a snack the whole family will love.

Chow mein noodles make these bites super crunchy and full of texture, and they are so effortless to make!

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Why you’ll love this White Chocolate Haystacks Recipe:

  • Hands off: Because everything is cooked in the slow cooker, no stirring is required! Just 5 minutes to prep!
  • 4 ingredients: Just when you thought this recipe couldn’t get better! Just 4 ingredients to make a batch of these tasty treats!
  • Kid friendly: Kids love to eat these, but they can also help make them! They’ll have fun decorating them with the festive sprinkles!
how to make crockpot haystacks
white chocolate haystack on parchment

How to make white chocolate haystacks

Be sure to see the recipe card below for full ingredients & instructions!

  • Place the chocolate, noodles and peanuts in the crockpot.
  • Cook on high.
  • Stir together.
  • Place spoonfuls on a lined baking sheet.
  • Top with sparkles.
  • Chill to set.
christmas white chocolate peanut haystack on parchment
christmas haystacks on parchment

How long do they keep?

Once your white chocolate haystacks have set, transfer them to an airtight container with the layers separated with parchment and keep in the fridge.

They will keep well for up to a week. I like to take them out of the fridge about 30 minutes before enjoying so that they are slightly softer.

Recipe Variations

It’s really easy to mix up these to suit your tastes and the occasion. You can use milk, semi-sweet or dark chocolate and use different colored sprinkles.

Dark chocolate haystacks with orange sprinkles would be great for Halloween!

Can you make them on the stovetop?

If you don’t have a slow cooker, you can make these white chocolate haystacks on the stovetop.

Add the chocolate, noodles and peanuts to a pot on a low heat, and stir occasionally while the chocolate melts. Don’t have it on too high a heat or the chocolate will burn.

crockpot white chocolate haystacks with christmas sprinkles
crockpot white chocolate haystacks with christmas sprinkles


  • Be sure to spray your crockpot with non stick spray before adding the ingredients.
  • Try swapping the peanuts for pretzel pieces!
crockpot white chocolate haystacks with christmas sprinkles

If you make this recipe be sure to upload a photo in the comment section below or leave a rating. Enjoy!

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