Easy Salisbury Steak Recipe with Mushroom Gravy

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy combines tender, meatloaf-style beef patties with homemade brown gravy and fresh sliced mushrooms. It’s classic comfort food, and so easy to make!

Juicy Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy

When my family has had a long week, I love making comfort food for a weekend dinner. It’s a nice way to encourage everyone to rest and relax.

Salisbury steak is one of our favorites! Honestly, any dish with a rich, smooth gravy is comfort food to me. But, this dish is especially comfy because it’s meaty and filling, while still being delightfully easy to make and eat. The tender “steaks” and mushroom gravy are always a hit!

This classic dish comes together in just one skillet. Serve some salad on the side, and maybe baked potatoes or rice, and you’ve got a tasty meal with a tad bit of cleanup.

up close shot of salisbury steak topped with mushrooms and gravy

What is a Salisbury Steak?

You might be wondering what exactly a Salisbury Steak is. A classic American recipe, Salisbury steak is a mix between meatloaf and hamburger patties, served with gravy.

To make the “steaks,” ground beef is blended with egg, seasoning, bread crumbs, and a few other tasty add-ins, somewhat like meatloaf. But, instead of pressing it into a loaf pan, you make patties shaped as ovals, and, in place of a ketchup or brown sugar topping, you make a rich brown gravy, often with mushrooms.

This tempting and nourishing dinner is the ultimate comfort food!

Recipe Ingredients

For this savory Salisbury steak dinner, you’ll need an array of well-loved ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, ketchup and mustard powder. We’re going old-school, here! It’ll be awesome!

ground beef patties in a white bowl

For the Salisbury Steaks

  • Onion: You can substitute white or sweet onions, if desired.
  • Panko: You can use regular panko crumbs, or pork rind crumbs for a low-carb option.
  • Ground Beef: This recipe uses one pound of ground beef.
  • Garlic: Mince or press two cloves of fresh garlic.
  • Egg: I use one whole egg for this recipe.
  • Ketchup: You’ll need two tablespoons of your favorite ketchup.
  • Mustard Powder: Two teaspoons of mustard powder help give this dish its distinctive taste.
  • Worcestershire Sauce: Just a teaspoon; Worcestershire sauce is strong.
  • Salt & Pepper: I used one-fourth of a teaspoon each of salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Olive Oil: For sautéing. Lighter olive oils are best for high-heat cooking.

For the Mushroom Gravy

  • Olive Oil: You’ll need a tablespoon olive oil, for cooking the veggies.
  • Onion: I used half a yellow onion, finely diced.
  • Garlic: Mince or press two cloves of fresh garlic.
  • Mushrooms: I like to use 8 ounces of sliced mushrooms.
  • Butter & Flour: To thicken the sauce.
  • Broth: You’ll need two cups of beef broth.
cooking sliced mushrooms in a white skillet

How to Make a Salisbury Steak with Gravy

This classic Salisbury steak recipe is simple to put together, all in one skillet. The gravy comes out flavorful thanks to the meat and veggies cooked in the same skillet.

  1. Blend Steak Ingredients: Place grated onion in a mixing bowl; add panko crumbs and stir. Then add the ground beef, garlic, egg, ketchup, mustard powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt,and pepper; use your hands to mix it all together until well combined.
  2. Cook Steaks: Shape the mixture into 4 oval-shaped patties. Then heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet, over medium heat. Add the beef patties to the heated oil and cook for 5 minutes; flip and continue to cook for 5 to 6 more minutes. Be careful when flipping over the patties so they don’t start to fall apart.
  3. Cook Onions, Garlic & Mushrooms: Remove the patties from the skillet and set aside; keep them covered. Return the skillet to the burner, and add another tablespoon olive oil. When oil is hot, stir in finely diced onions and cook for 1 minute. Add the garlic, and then mushrooms; cook for 4 to 5 minutes, or until the mushrooms are soft.
  4. Make Gravy: Add your butter to the skillet and swirl it around to melt. Sprinkle the flour over the butter and vent veggies, and cook for about 30 seconds, stirring constantly. Pour in the beef broth; mix and stir until everything is combined and there are no lumps from the flour. Whisk if needed.
  5. Thicken Gravy: Add the beef patties and any juices back to the skillet. Cook for 5 more minutes, or until the gravy is thickened; stirring occasionally. (If the gravy gets too thick, add a bit of water or beef broth to the skillet.)
  6. Serve: Transfer the steaks to a platter. Taste the gravy for salt and pepper, and adjust if needed. Spoon the gravy over the Salisbury steaks and enjoy!
overhead shot of salisbury steaks cooking in mushroom gravy

Tips for Success

Salisbury steak is such an easy recipe, it’s sure to become a staple in your rotation. Especially if you follow these tips!

  • Shaping: Wet your hands a little with water to prevent the mixture from sticking, and be careful not to overwork the mixture as you shape the patties; overworked ground beef becomes tough.
  • Make it Gluten-Free: You can use a cornstarch slurry in place of the butter and flour, if you’d like! Just make the sauce without the butter and flour. Then, mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with a tablespoon of water, and whisk it into the sauce. Simmer until thickened.
  • Turkey Steaks: This dish will also work with ground turkey! However I don’t recommend ground turkey breast, which is too lean.

Serving Suggestions

Wondering what dishes to pair with this classic Salisbury steak recipe? These are my top suggestions!

overhead shot of salisbury steaks cooking in mushroom gravy

How to Store and Reheat Leftovers

  • To refrigerate leftovers, place any steaks and gravy together in shallow, airtight food storage containers. Keep refrigerated for up to 3 days.
  • To reheat, place the meat and gravy in a covered skillet. Heat on low until heated through.

Can I Freeze Salisbury Steak?

  • Definitely! This recipe freezes well. Just put your cooled leftovers in airtight freezer containers and store them for up to two months.
  • This is actually a great recipe to double so that you can freeze one batch for later!
  • Thaw overnight before reheating.