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This Summer is the Summer of homemade otter pops. We dove right into this hot season with our freezer filled with these healthy homemade popsicles and we are so better for it! Making popsicles from scratch has never been easier with just a few natural ingredients and popsicles molds you can order from amazon.

These homemade otter pops are made with blends of organic fruit juice

When swimming season started so did a big heat wave here in Utah,so, wherever we went I packed a few popsicles and they were perfectly icy and mushy once we needed them.  We take these to friends houses to share, to the zoo, the park, the swimming pool, and on hikes.

Make a big batch of healthy homemade otter pops for the kids to enjoy all Summer

Everett, my 5 year old, is the one who really inspired this new found love of popsicle making.  While we were traveling he would mix up juices and fruits and put them into ice cube trays.  Then, once we returned home and he continued to do this, I finally bought a big pack of otter pop-like popsicle molds on amazon. They come in a pack of 200 and its so fun to make up creative ‘recipes’ to fill  a batch of them every week.

Healthy popsicle flavors

• your favorite smoothie blended up (we even use leftover smoothie to make a popsicle or two)

• yogurt blended up with juice or frozen fruit

• 100 % fruit juices (you can also blend a juice with frozen fruit.. our favorite combo for this is peach juice with frozen pineapple and mango)

• coconut water mixed with frozen or fresh fruit and honey (we like watermelon, honey, mint and coconut water)

• cold brew coffee (or just leftover coffee and feel free to doctor it up like you like it .. milk, honey etc)

• lemonade or lemonade mixed with frozen fruit (while most lemonades do contain sugar these pops will still be less sugar than most)

What equipment you’ll need for these homemade otter pops


Otter pop molds

Now, there’s no reason not to let my kids have a popsicle even before 9am and often times we do!  I do keep the boozy adult pops for afternoon or evening treats though and enjoy the coffee pops before noon. We’re all staying cool and having fun getting creative with our popsicle flavors!  Please let me know what pop flavors you try out!

Tons of great ideas for making homemade freezer pops.

Here are tons of healthy ideas for making homemade freezer pops. 


Dessert, Snack



Servings: 8

  • 4
    juice/lemonade/coconut water/coffee/yogurt
  • 1
    frozen or fresh fruit
  1. Unzip freezer pop bags then gently blow air I not the bags to open them up. 

  2. Blend juice with frozen fruit (if using) or slice fresh fruit up and slide into the bags. 

  3. Place funnel into an open freezer pop bag and over a bowl, slowly pour the juice liquid into the bag. Leave about a quarter inch at the top. 

  4. Zip up the bag then repeat with remaining bags. 

  5. Freeze for 4 hours at least.  These will stay fresh in your freezer all Summer. 

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