Mexico City’s Best Bars

Mexico City has raised the bar when it comes to drinking. It’s now a world-class destination for cocktails and more, and has been recognised by the inaugural North America’s 50 Best Bars awards. Here are some of the standout venues in the capital city.

It’s not all about tequila and mezcal. Frozen margaritas, sweet palomas or shots with lime do not represent what it’s like to drink in Mexico City – or other cities in the country. Ten years ago, it was inconceivable that this city that venerates long drinks (Cuba Libre, everywhere) would be seduced so deeply by cocktail culture – and better than that, would make it their own. In the last few years, there have been dozens of new bar projects and with them a burst of creativity and quality.

Great ideas and lots of talent – more than big budgets – is the formula that raised the bar after the pandemic. Everything arrives in its moment, and the moment of Mexican bars is now, with clients that finally understand this world of creative drinking, craving more innovation, new flavours and always willing to have a good time; clients that appreciate bartenders who travel around the world learning global trends. And professionals who deeply understand local and ancestral ingredients and spirits. Mexican nights have it all: passion, knowledge, lots of fun, unforgettable flavours and wonderful people.

Here is a list of the places that are changing the way we drink in Mexico – and maybe in all of North America. While some of them are not in the North America’s 50 Best Bars list,together they show how bars can mix culture with great taste and show us the future.

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