Our best picnic drinks ideas

Box up slices of quiche, some golden brown scotch eggs, a seasonal fruit salad and mouth-watering drink to take on a picnic. Our stunning picnic drinks recipes offer something for every taste. Whether you’re a die-hard Pimm’s fan or prefer a sweet peach iced tea, the right drink could take your picnic from poor to perfection in no time.

Grab a glass and try our super-simple bottled cocktails, or pack up the base mixtures and top up with soda water once you’re settled and ready for a tipple.

Pair your classic cocktails and seasonal mocktails with our top picnic recipes for the very best al fresco dining, and discover even more summer drink recipes to quench your thirst.

Best picnic drinks recipes


No summer picnic would be complete without a pitcher of fruity Pimm’s. Serve glasses packed with cucumber, orange, strawberries and mint leaves. Mixing up a batch couldn’t be easier – with just two main ingredients, this colourful cocktail is perfect for spur-of-the-moment outings. Switch up the classic recipe with our pomegranate Pimm’s, or try our Pimm’s iced tea for a refreshing, citrussy cupful.

Check out our 7 new ways with Pimm’s for slushies, cakes and sweet jellies to pack up come picnic season.

Homemade ginger beer

Sip a glass of this fiery homemade ginger beer to beat the heat at your next picnic. Make a simple ginger cordial and top up with bubbly soda water for a guaranteed thirst-quencher. Garnish with a few mint leaves for a non-alcoholic treat. Short on time? Prep a batch of our cheat’s ginger beer in just 10 minutes.

Discover even more booze-free ideas with our favourite non-alcoholic summer drinks recipes.

Elderflower & cucumber G&T

Once you’ve tried our refreshing take on a classic gin and tonic, you’ll never go back. Our delicate elderflower & cucumber G&T can be made with just four ingredients. Simply mix together elderflower cordial, gin and cucumber strips, and bottle up for transporting. Then, just top up your drinks with tonic water and serve.

Shake up your standard serve with our gin and tonic recipes, and try classic drinks, cakes or impressive desserts. Feel like perfecting the traditional version? Read our guide on how to make the perfect gin & tonic, or branch out and try our gin cocktail recipes.

Blueberry & mint iced tea

Put your peppermint teabags to good use and create this delicious family-friendly drink in minutes. Our blueberry & mint iced tea is great for making in advance and bottling up in flasks for dining outdoors. Lightly crushing some of the blueberries during steeping intensifies the fruity flavours. Retain some for garnishing later to make an eye-catching glassful.

Whether you’re after boozy brews or fabulous floral mocktails, check out our best ever iced tea recipes.

Summer punch

Delicate and floral, this summer punch is sunshine in a glass. The combination of elderflower, apple juice and a dash of lemon juice makes for a tasty citrus brew. If you’re feeling like you need an extra dose of luxury, try swapping the sparkling water for a hearty glug of champagne.

For more crowd-pleasing cocktails, read our punch recipes.

Easy sangria

A bottle of pre-mixed sangria is ideal for enjoying on a picnic blanket, sausage roll in hand. This summer stalwart is simple to make and great for sharing. Embrace the balmy evenings and indulge in a cup of red wine, Spanish brandy and chopped fruit, topped up with sparkling water.

Try some tasty variations on this iconic drink with our top 5 sangria recipes and our guide on how to make sangria – it includes how to choose the right wine, which mixers to use and some delicious optional extras.

Peach iced tea

A pitcher of chilled peach iced tea on a hot day is a thing of beauty. It could be made with raspberries as well if you’re in the mood for something a little different. Making a basic peach syrup to stir into your drink makes the most of the vibrant fruity flavours – just add fresh peach slices to serve.

Want some expert advice and flavouring ideas? Read our guide on how to make iced tea for top tips for the perfect glassful.

Coconut & pineapple cooler

This juicy coconut and pineapple cooler will happily sit in your cooler until you’re ready for a drink. Mix together coconut rum, pineapple juice, gin and chunks of fresh watermelon for a quick and easy summer sipper. Fill some jam jars with screw-top lids and post up somewhere sunny to enjoy these beautiful beverages.

For more boozy brews you can mix up in bulk, check out our jug cocktail recipes for an instant entertaining hit.

Strawberry mojito

Use up a bounty of summer berries with our stunning strawberry mojito recipe. Muddle your fruit and sugars, then add in a pinch of black pepper and bruised mint leaves. If you’re packing pre-picnic, stir in the rum, bottle and top up with sparkling water later. Serve even more seasonal variations and fruity twists on the traditional with our favourite mojito recipes.

Rumberry punch

Bottle up dark rum and sharp yet sweet cranberry juice for a vibrant punch base. Top up with a bottle of ginger ale for a tropical-tasting treat. Indulge in even more fabulous flavour combinations with our rum cocktail recipes. Try a classic daiquiri or a modern grapefruit mojito.

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