Pina Coladas (Frozen Pina Colada Recipe)

Frozen pina coladas are the drink you need this summer! Wonderfully creamy with flavors of pineapple and coconut, this tropical cocktail will help you beat the heat.

creamy frozen pina coladas in glasses garnished

“If you like pina coladas…”

…you are in the right place!

These frozen rum cocktails are super easy to make and and a real delight to drink! Blended with ice cream, they are full with refreshing flavors from pineapple and coconut.

Why you will love frozen pina coladas

  • Make ahead: These can be made weeks ahead of time, perfect if you are planning a get together or if you just want a stash in your fridge!
  • Simple: You just need 5 ingredients and a blender to make this recipe and it takes minutes to make a batch.
  • Perfect for a crowd: This recipe makes enough for six drinks and it is easily doubled.

How to make frozen pina coladas

  • Blend: In a blender, combine the cream of coconut and pineapple. Blend in the rum and pineapple juice and then the ice cream.
  • Serve: Pour into glasses and garnish with a slice of pineapple.
up close pina colada in glass
3 frozen pina coladas lined up

How long do frozen cocktails keep?

I love frozen cocktails because they can be made way ahead of time! Once you have blended the drink, pour it into a freezer container and it will keep well for up to a month!

Remove the drink form the freezer 10 minutes before serving and give it a stir before pouring into glasses.

4 glasses of pina coladas
frozen pina coladas garnished with pineapple

Can you use frozen pineapple?

I prefer to use canned pineapple as I also add in the juices that it is packed in. If you use frozen, pour in a little pineapple juice when you blend it so that it’s not too thick.

Can you make this alcoholic

This cocktail is made with white rum. If you are not a drinker or want a mocktail version, it’s easy! Simply swap the rum for extra pineapple juice and you are good to go!

pina coladas in glasses
pina coladas in glasses

Recipe Notes and Tips

  • If you use frozen pineapple for this pina colada, add a little extra pineapple juice when blending.
  • Serve in cold glasses so that it doesn’t melt too quickly.
  • Make it ahead of time and store it in the freezer for up to 1 month.
overhead image of frozen pina colada recipe

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