Savoury Ice Cream Hits London

The Ice Cream Project is a new concept store in London’s Belgravia, showcasing an unusual range of ice creams and sorbets, celebrating fashion designer Anya Hindmarch’s favourite cult food brands.

There are 14 playful flavours to choose from, inspired by pantry essentials like savoury sauces, condiments, tea, breakfast cereals and even baked beans. The ice cream is hand-made in small batches in Devon, and each flavour is available as either a scoop on the spot (£3.50), or in 500ml tubs (£10) to take away.

Think fruity HP Sauce, tangy salad cream, umami-rich Kikkoman soy sauce and creamy Heinz mayonnaise, through to more acessible flavours like Kellogg’s Frosties vanilla ice cream complete with frosted corn flakes, and milky Coco Pops with a crunch, as well as Lyle’s golden syrup with notes of butter, honey and syrup.

“Making everyday things in an extraordinary way has always been a passion of mine and is the reason why I love to play with iconic brands,” said Hindmarch. “The Ice Cream Project sets out to challenge perceptions, working with the most sophisticated ingredients and recipes in an artful way.”

Savoury ice cream is nothing new – we first noticed a Brooklyn gelato store selling savoury ice cream a decade ago, while British modernist chef Heston Blumenthal rewrote the rulebooks with his bacon and egg ice cream a few years back.

The London pop-up store is open until 28 August.

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