Where to Eat Carbonara in Rome

Visiting the Italian capital and want a classic Roman dish? These are the ten best restaurants to eat carbonara in Rome.

Carbonara is one of Rome’s most famous pasta dishes, but did you know it only became so relatively recently? The first recorded recipe was only written in 1954, when La Cucina Italiana published a recipe for spaghetti alla carbonara that today would make many turn up their noses: sautéed with garlic, gruyere instead of pecorino cheese, and bacon instead of guanciale.

Today we are in what could be called the fundamentalist era of carbonara: with all the superfluous ingredients stripped away, the dish is based only on eggs, guanciale and pecorino. Let’s go and see the best performers of this fundamentalist new wave and discover the best restaurants in Rome to eat carbonara.

Carbonara in Rome: 10 restaurants to try

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