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Is there anything better than enjoying a feast in the great outdoors? We’ve pulled together our best ever picnic recipes for everyone to enjoy, from meaty pies or vegetarian pastries through to brownies and bakes.

Try the recipes pictured above – smoked salmon & poppy seed palmiers, asparagus & prosciutto bundles with goat’s cheese & hazelnut dipraspberry & coconut scones and elderflower & cucumber G&Ts.

1. Caramelised onion quiche with cheddar & bacon

Quiches are classic picnic fare, and this crisp pastry base filled with caramelised onions, sharp cheddar and bacon is sure to satisfy.

Caramelised onion quiche with cheddar & bacon

2. Warm chickpea salad

Budget-friendly canned chickpeas are an ideal base for this filling salad option, bulked out with Mediterranean veg and studded with chunks of feta.

Warm chickpea salad

3. Summer sausage rolls

Add a summertime twist on the classic sausage rolls with a unique chicken and bacon filling, flavoured with sundried tomatoes, garlic and basil.

Summer sausage rolls

4. Classic cheese scones

These savoury scones are easy to make, and are a lovely alternative to bread at a picnic. They’re simply scrumptious split in half and spread thickly with butter.

Classic cheese scones

5. Veggie rainbow picnic pie

This colourful pastry case, packed with layers of vegetables, feta and egg, is sure to impress your fellow picnic-goers.

Veggie rainbow picnic pie

6. Pork & ham pie

Meat-lovers are sure to take a thick slice of this pork and ham pie, which has eggs neatly nestled in the middle. It’s a bit of a challenge, but perfect for a weekend cooking project and well worth the effort when you tuck in.

Pork & ham pie

7. Egg & cress club sandwich

Fans of traditional flavours will love these bumper egg and cress sandwiches. Firmly secure each stack with a skewer before transporting and serving.

Egg & cress club sandwich

8. Summer herb & feta pies

Cheese pairs perfectly with basil, mint and watercress in these crisp, bite-sized filo parcels. They’re easy to make but look beautiful on any plate or platter.

Summer herb & feta pies

9. Summer allotment salad with English mustard dressing

New season potatoes pair perfectly with crisp, crunchy vegetables in this fresh potato salad recipe. We’ve used radishes, red onions and cucumber, but it would also work wonderfully with fennel, celery and spring onions.

Summer allotment salad with English mustard dressing

10. Vegetarian wraps

Add the element of DIY to your al fresco feast with these veggie flatbreads, filled with roasted vegetables, creamy coconut tzatziki and a herby, spicy green sauce. Simply pack up the ingredients into separate containers and let everyone assemble their own wrap, to their liking.

Vegetarian wraps

11. Zingy blackberry lemonade

Blend lemons, blackberries and mint together to make a refreshing drink that’s delicious served with sparkling water. If you want to take it to the next level (or vary it for the adults) it pairs perfectly with prosecco.

Zingy blackberry lemonade

12. Coconut & pineapple cooler

This crowd-pleasing fruity cocktail can be made in advance and nestled in an ice bucket or chilled cooler, ready for consumption. The boozy base is coconut rum and gin, and we’ve added an optional garnish of coriander to give it a lift.

Coconut & pineapple cooler

13. Falafel Scotch eggs

Combining two of our favourite foods – falafel and Scotch eggs – this is a great healthy veggie option to bring along to a picnic. We’ve given perfectly boiled eggs a tasty coating of chickpeas spiced with cumin and coriander, plus a crisp Scotch egg-style panko breadcrumb coating.

Falafel Scotch eggs

14. Pimm’s

Is it really a picnic without Pimm’s? Capture the flavour of summer with this classic fruity drink. Though the recipe is simple, you can’t beat it.


15. Pesto pasta salad

This vegetarian pasta salad is super easy to make and packed with colourful vegetables. We’ve included crème fraîche as well as pre-made fresh pesto to create a creamy sauce.

Pesto pasta salad

16. Fig & Serrano ham picnic bread

Thickly sliced fresh figs make a picture perfect topping for this ciabatta-style loaf. The sweet fruity flavour complements earthy sage leaves, tangy onion and salty, umami serrano ham – a true taste sensation.

Fig & Serrano ham picnic bread

17. Blackberry bakewell squares

Put fresh blackberries centre-stage in this tasty traybake with a crumbly digestive biscuit base and a tangy layer of blackberry jam. Cut into squares and transport in a tin – they’ll even survive well on a sunny day.

Blackberry bakewell squares

18. Tropical rocky road

Take rocky road to new heights by adding a tropical twist. We used dried pineapple, mango, banana chips and dessicated coconut, but you can add any dried fruit, nuts or biscuits that you have to hand. Experiment with new flavours and textures – it’s hard to go wrong!

Tropical rocky road

19. Rhubarb & custard blondies

Fudgy and irresistible, these blondies look impressive but are actually really easy to make. We’ve swirled a custard and rhubarb mix through the blondie batter for an extra-rich hit in every bite.

Rhubarb & custard blondies

20. Vegan cherry & almond brownies

Decadent, moreish and plant-based to boot – it doesn’t get better than these vegan brownies. Glacé cherries add a lovely burst of fruity flavour against the chocolate batter, made extra rich with dark chocolate, cocoa powder and coffee.

Vegan cherry & almond brownies

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