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Getting the kids into the kitchen to help with cooking and baking is a fun, educational weekend activity. Having some simple recipes that require no oven cooking or baking equipment is also a great way to enjoy tasty treats without the mess, fuss and time constraints.

Here, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite sweet snack recipes for kids to make (with some supervision from parents and guardians). You’ll need to help with tasks such as melting chocolate and slicing with sharp knives, but children should be able to help with the majority of the recipes. They vary from chocolatey biscuit bars to cheesecakes and melted chocolate slabs with lots of sprinkles, allowing little ones to get creative. There are loads more kid- and family-friendly recipes in our no-bake dessert recipes collection, as well as general family baking content in our kids’ baking recipe collection.

Our top 10 no-bake recipes for kids

1. No-bake orange cheesecake

This simple, zesty cheesecake is the perfect recipe to make on a weekend afternoon with the kids. They can help crush the biscuits and, with some supervision, melt the butter to pour over the crumbs to make the base. The creamy layer is a great way for kids to learn about flavour combinations, too. Try more of our gorgeously flavoured no-bake cheesecakes.

2. Rocky road

Storecupboard ingredients come to the rescue in this kid-friendly rocky road. With minimal effort, this chocolatey dessert is finished in the fridge, so it can easily be enjoyed for an afternoon tea party or prepared for a bake sale. For extra crunch and sweetness, add raisins, nuts, honeycomb pieces and popcorn, or whatever bits you have in the cupboard. We have more kid- and adult-friendly rocky road recipes, as well as tasty fridge cake recipes to explore.

3. Chocolate drizzled popcorn

A combination of chocolate and popcorn equals snack heaven. This quick, light snack is great for film nights with the little ones, or pack for a tasty lunchbox treat for school. We recommend using dark chocolate, but milk chocolate will also work – it will be less rich, but sweeter. You could also follow our recipe for a simple sweet popcorn, or explore our popcorn recipes collection.

4. Sweet shop chocolate slab

Make your own customisable chocolate bar at home and get creative with colourful toppings. We’ve selected crème eggs, chocolate flakes and other sweeties, but other combinations are just as fun and delicious. These would make a great edible gift for a birthday party or any special occasion. We have a variety of chocolate slabs and barks in our chocolate bark recipes collection, plus ideas for some leftover chocolate recipes.

5. Frozen banana lollies

Get a serving of your five-in-a-day in with these fruit lollies topped with chocolate and colourful sprinkles. Natural yogurt adds creaminess and boosts this snack’s nutritional benefits, as it contains protein and calcium. Kids would love these at a party or as an after-school treat. See our kids’ ice lolly recipes for more fruity and chocolatey inspiration.

6. Chocolate crunch bars

Kids can get stuck into this no-bake chocolate crunch bar recipe. Adults can help melt the chocolate, then children can stir all the ingredients together to achieve this simply divine treat. For more squared sharing desserts, you’ll want to try this chocolate tiffin packed with raisins and biscuits. Find more inspiration in our melted chocolate recipes collection.

7. Chocolate cornflake cakes

A classic, no-bake childhood favourite, these crunchy cups of chocolatey goodness will be gone within the first two bites. Adults will need to melt the chocolate with butter and golden syrup, but children can then add the cornflakes and mix thoroughly to coat them. Weighing ingredients is a great experience for kids as it will help them learn basic kitchen skills. Why not also make this easy cornflake tart? It’s a great dessert for the whole family.

8. Blueberry & coconut frozen ‘cheesecake’ bars

These dairy- and gluten-free treats are full of healthy, great-tasting ingredients. Swapping soft cheese and double cream for coconut cream – it makes this cheesecake sumptuous while creating a nutty flavour and creamy consistency. The date and almond base is equally inviting. Kids can easily help with each step, but will need to be patient while the bars freeze! For more kid- and family-friendly cheesecake recipes, see our sharing dessert ideas recipe collection.

9. Rice pop doughnuts

These rice pop cereal doughnuts are great for allowing kids to get creative with decorations. Mixed with milk or dark chocolate, butter and sweet golden syrup, these crispy snacks are can be decorated with white chocolate and your favourite sprinkles. These would also be lovely at a children’s party or even given as a gift. For more cereal snack recipe inspiration, try these chewy no-bake cereal bars.

10. Apple ‘doughnuts’

These creamy, nutty, sweet apple rings are the ultimate picnic snack. Kids can help with mixing, peeling the apples (with supervision) and decorating. An alternative to chocolatey treats, these will satisfy a sugar craving and are much healthier. For more apple treats, make these candy apples – they’re suitable for any event, especially Halloween and Bonfire Night.

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Tell us your favourite no-bake sweet snacks in the comments below.

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