Turkey, Bacon Lattice and Havarti Panini

Turkey, Bacon Lattice and Havarti Panini

Believe it or not, these Turkey, Bacon Lattice and Havarti Panini are the first sandwiches I’ve grilled in more than 7 months. I have been waiting for the right inspiration, and I got it this weekend when a fabulous new bakery, Manresa Bread (the first retail outpost for the two-Michelin starred restaurant Manresa), opened near me. I want to devote a whole post to Manresa Bread soon, but in the meantime, just gaze at the gorgeous levain I bought there on Saturday morning:

Levain from Manresa BreadThis levain was better than any I’d ever tasted. It’s my favorite type of bread for panini, because of its chewy density and crusty exterior. I felt like the time had come for me to pull out the ol’ panini press and grill something with this incredible bread.

And there was one more ingredient I was eager to try out on a sandwich…

Making bacon lattice

The bacon lattice! Have you seen these before? They’re woven strips of bacon — for those times when you want a nice wide plane of bacon to ensure you get some in every bite. I think we pretty much want that every time, don’t we?

Food & Wine featured a bacon weave in this month’s magazine, so I finally decided to give it a try. The idea is to have the bacon come close to the same size of the bread you’re using — I made mine more suitable for oblong-shaped bread, while the F&W directions are for a square.

Bacon lattice under rack

You just set your woven bacon under a rack on a pan and bake it in the oven until it’s browned and crispy. Don’t do I like I did and wait until you’re already hungry to start baking these things — they take about 30 minutes and patience can be a struggle!

Bacon lattice

Oh yes…these will do!

Turkey, Bacon Lattice and Havarti Panini

I guess the only downside of weaving the bacon instead of using strips on the sandwich is that you can’t really see it in the photos! It fits perfectly on the bread. But you definitely taste it in every bite AND it doesn’t shift around as you’re cutting the sandwich half. Win-win.

Another ingredient you can’t really see, but you’ll definitely taste, is green goddess salad dressing. I used it (just the bottled kind, from Trader Joe’s) as a condiment on the bread — I love that bold garlic and herb flavor. You can always just use regular mayonnaise, the Green Goddess mayonnaise recipe I shared a few years ago, or maybe punch up the mayonnaise with some chopped herbs.

It feels good to be back!

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